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Cloned Drive Won’t Boot | How to Make Cloned Drive Bootable?.Cloned Drive Won’t Boot | How to Make Cloned Drive Bootable?

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However, the computer is not using the correct boot mode is one of the reasons why cloned SSD won’t boot Windows 7/ If your target drive is a. › watch. Method 1: Correctly Install the Cloned SSD with a SATA Cable · Method 2: Change Boot Order in BIOS and Make SSD Bootable as BootDisk · Method 3.


Windows 10 will not boot after clone free


Macrium Support Forum Back. Login Register. Home » Reflect v8 » Disk Cloning » Windows 11 will not boot after cloning. Windows 11 will not boot after cloning. Post Reply. Topic Details Share Topic. New Member. Group: Forum Members Posts: 5, Visits: I was getting inaccessible boot device.

I tried all the usual repairs but to no avail. I then tried to install Windows from scratch only to have Windows tell me it couldn’t detect a drive. What I did notice is that I can put the cloned NVMe drive in an external case and boot off that but not when the drive is plugged directly into the motherboard. I’ve since paid for the product and ran ReDeploy with a fresh download of the Intel RST and default settings and rebooted the system.

Please help Reply Like 0. Post Details Share Post. Group: Forum Members Posts: , Visits: 2. What’s the actual model of the HP? If it is you ought to find the NVMe drivers available to download, the fact it doesn’t see the drive when you try installing Windows 11 directly suggests you may need such a download, or to change the setting in UEFI to a different mode.

Best case you get pointed to a solution by the upgrade process doing checks first. Edited 13 May PM by Beardy. Macrium Evangelist. Edited 13 May PM by jphughan. Happy to help! That inaccessible boot device error is exactly what you get when Windows is set up to load the wrong storage driver at startup, and it does not dynamically fix that. Edited 14 May AM by jphughan. Merge Selected. Merge into selected topic Merge into merge target Merge into a specific topic ID Post Quoted Reply.

Compression Enabled. Windows has had native support for NVMe since Windows 8, so while it’s possible that storage controller drivers for something like Intel RST is necessary, you wouldn’t need — nor would you find — NVMe drivers for Windows That’s unfortunate and baffling to me, but that seems to be how it is.

And I remember somebody else here who had that sort of HP system having a great deal of trouble migrating an image from a previous system onto it, specifically due to this. I can’t remember if they ultimately succeeded. Can you share the model of the enclosure you’re working with? Last I checked, Windows did not support booting from a storage device that was connected to the system via USB.

Macrium even has a warning about this for people who might try this to validate that their clone worked properly, since it’s not a valid test. But if your enclosure uses Thunderbolt, which relies on PCIe, then that would be another matter, hence my question.

Lastly, you say you cloned only the C partition. If that’s true, then unless that was the only partition on your source disk, cloning only the C partition is a mistake. You should clone all of those at a minimum. Any additional partitions would probably be partitions created either by you or by your original system’s vendor for purposes such as factory image restore or remote diagnostics that do not rely on the OS. As a general bit of advice, when cloning or for that matter imaging a disk that contains a Windows partition, you should clone all partitions on the disk unless you have a specific reason for omitting them, rather than defaulting to cloning only the content that you THINK is important and leaving other content the rest behind even if you’re not sure what its purpose is.

Unfortunately I couldn’t wait for tech support so I gave up on the Macrium Reflect and they were very, very good with the refund although I haven’t seen it in my bank account yet.

I had the same problem using the ‘Clone’ feature as I did with the Macrium. Thanks for that last paragraph. That give me a MUCH better understanding. Are you avilasble for a quick chat? I’m still not winning. I pulled the plug and wiped the drive and did a clean install. Thanks for the chat.