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Windows 10 feature update free download. Download Windows 10 Version 20H2 ISO with redesigned start menu and new chromium edge


Hidden Windows 10 Features is a smart piece of software developed to offer its users a little more control over their operating system. The purpose of this app is to improve your computing experience by bringing some important features closer to your reach and to push you to modify some aspects of your system.

First thing first, the interface is the first element a user sees, so the first opinion is formed there. This app’s GUI lets you know from the first launch that you won’t run into complicated processes or overwhelming menus. Its build is based on a larger toolbar where you can find the tweakable locations and a small list with checkboxes for every category in part. By default, the tool opens the Computer tab every time it’s launched.

This category covers some of the administrative system functions such as Recycle Bin, Control Panel, Run and more.

Each feature is displayed with a checkbox and a preview button near. By previewing a feature you can see what will be unhidden or placed and where. For example, if you want to have the Control Panel under Devices and Drives inside This PC , just check its box, refresh the location and you’re done. From the Taskbar category, which is the lightest one, you can disable the system tray, turn off the thumbnail live preview and or change the reaction times for the same thumbnail.

System on the other side, it’s a bit larger the number of checkboxes, but in short, you can disable Cortana, you can eliminate the shortcut description from created shortcuts, disable window areo shake, etc.

The security-related category sports a shortlist that covers the autorun function. To summarize, Hidden Windows 10 Features is a smart compact tool that unlocks features that are completely hidden for ost of Windows 10 users. Its easy-to-use UI and on-point descriptions can easily catch your interest and will surely change the way you use your OS. Hidden Windows 10 Features. An interesting application that lets you tweak your Windows 10 OS by enabling multiple useful hidden features with one click only.

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