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How to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen after login – Rene.E Laboratory.7 Methods to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen After Login []

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Regards Ian. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Maurice Naggar Posted September 17, SAVE the file first when prompted.

– Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login 2019 free download


I tried the turn off for a minute but got the same result On very rare occasions the video does return not sure what triggers it and I can then see the applications I launch are actually running. It looks like something is blocking the video. Running the screen direct from the MB interface has the same issue so I don’t think its a video card conflict. I then tried to create a new account to get a clean profile but when it loaded in normal mode it behaves the same way. Using that RUN option you can navigate to shortcut links on your Desktop, or Downloads folder, or to Program Files folder and manually run any of your programs.

Your Windows O. I would like for you to stay in Normal Windows mode. I am going to suggest these next first steps. One is to set Windows Explorer to show all folders, all files. What follows is a first step to have Windows 10 show all files and folder.

Do not let this spook you out. I would like to have you run a report tool known as FRST This has no personal information. FRST64 will help provide me with a list of installed programs and other information about your computer that will help me see if there are any other problems that are not being detected.

Please follow the steps below to run FRST. Click Save to save the file version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version. The tool may want to update itself – in that case you’ll be prompted when the update is completed and ready to use.

Press Scan button and wait. Close the Notepad windows when they show on screen. The tool saves the files. Please attach these 2 files to your next reply. Thank you. Whilst the windows-key brings up that menu the start button is actually absent a black hole! The rest the start menu functionality is not working properly at all E. The options I used are shown in the image below you forgot to attach the screen shot of what you needed. Thank you for the FRST reports.

You did fine. I notice the pc is in Safe Mode with Networking. I am listing multiple procedures below. I want you to do them all and keep going down the list.

You can reply and attach all logs in one reply when you are all done. This machine looks to have multiple issues. Those seem to be associated to 1 of 3 “things”. This fix is for Ianhaz only. Please Close and save any open work files before you start this next step. It will involve a Windows Restart at the end of it.

They will both work together as a pair. Start the Windows Explorer and then, open the Downloads folder. Double click FRST If the tool warns you the version is outdated, please download and run the updated version. IF prompted by Windows to let this tool run, DO allow it to go forward. Reply YES to let it proceed. You will see a green progress bar start. Lots of patience. Some machines take longer than others. If you receive a message that a reboot is required, please make sure you allow it to restart normally.

The tool will complete its run after restart. When finished, the tool will make a log Fixlog. Please like and share this guide to help others. We’re looking for part-time or full-time technical writers to join our team! It’s about a remote position that qualified tech writers from anywhere in the world can apply. Click here for more details. How to , Tutotial , Windows , Windows 10 , Windows How to , Office , Tutotial.

Abdallah Ahmed July 26, am. Komolafe Tobi June 21, pm. This is not at all helpful, my screen is not displaying anything but the cursor on a black screen, I cannot see anything when I use any of the task manager solutions listed above. The screen is unresponsive to any keyboard input. I have the same issue. Up down arrow couple times, enter 3.

Atanu das April 4, am. Thank U very much from the core of my heart solution 3 worked like a charm for me I had tried a lot of tricks before but this was my solution…. Albert February 6, am. Terry June 30, pm. Peter Rigg October 6, pm. Very time consuming but worth it in the end, Many Thanks.

Rizki September 25, am. Gal September 1, pm. OMG you saved me. Besides gaming Im also working in my pc and you are my hero.

In case, if anyone out there has the same issue, you can try the following option to resolve the issue. Whenever you end up with ‘Windows 10 blank screen with cursor after login’ follow below solution. Step 3: Type at Run ‘ services. Step 4: Under the services, look for the service name ‘AppReadiness’ and double click on the ‘AppReadiness” service. Step 5: It will open ‘AppReadiness’ properties. Click on startup type and select ‘Disabled”, Click Apply and click ok.

From here click on Troubleshoot. Click the Restart button. Once your computer is in Safe Mode, you can try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the Black screen problem on your Windows 10 PC. As discussed before the most common reason behind this buggy graphics driver update, which you might have received through the Windows 10 update. We recommend reinstalling the Display driver by following the steps below. In the next login, Windows 10 should automatically reinstall the video adapter driver and hopefully, the black screen will disappear.

Some other users report on the Microsoft forum, Disabling the fast startup feature helps them to fix the Black screen problem. While in Safe Mode you can Disable the fast startup feature following the steps below. We recommend creating a new user account by following the steps below and check it helps. And password for user account login.

Though, if it is a software problem, then you can try to fix it by following these suggestions. Click any one of them to solve your problems! If you are lucky, then chances are that your system is just running slow or has gone into hibernation mode. In this case, you can use the correct key combinations to wake your system up:.

You can also get the computer black screen after login due to an error with Windows Explorer as well. For instance, the explorer process might not have been launched correctly. Since it is responsible for the overall user interface in Windows, it is recommended to simply restart the process. Step 1. Step 2. From here, click on the ” More Details ” option to get a detailed list of all the tasks running in Windows.

Step 3. Now, just select Windows Explorer from the list of the processes and click on the ” Restart ” button to launch it again. A while back, I tried to update the installed display adapter driver on my PC. Sadly, the update was either corrupted or got halted in between that resulted in the black screen after the login problem.

Therefore, if you have also encountered a similar situation, then you can try to roll back the display adapter driver to its previously installed driver settings.


Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login 2019 free download –


More and more of this issue has been reported recently among Windows 10 users. There are many possible reasons why you may be having this problem, but the most common cause is your user shell being corrupted either by some malware, applications, or system updates.

The user shell manages various windows explorer functions like the taskbar, the desktop, and other user interface features. The first method is more suitable if you suspect that this problem could be due to certain malware changing the value data of your user shell, so to fix that you need to manually correct the value data of your user shell.

Here select task manager from the list. In a moment you should see the task manager page pop up, here click on the file menu and select run new task. You should see a dialog box like this asking for the name of the program, document, or window you want to open. You should then see your registry editor page pop up. That should open up a number of other subfolders underneath it, you can click on this little arrow next to each folder to expand it. In the same manner, expand the folders in the following order.

At this point you should have a bunch of files on the right side of the screen. Here you want to look for the file named shell. These files are arranged alphabetically so you want to scroll down to the s category, and there you should see the shell. In the field under the value data, you want to ensure it says explorer. This is usually the value that certain malware gets to change into some other executable file that it would have saved somewhere on your computer, and this could be the reason why you may not see your desktop and other GUI functions.

Lots of patience. Some machines take longer than others. If you receive a message that a reboot is required, please make sure you allow it to restart normally. The tool will complete its run after restart.

When finished, the tool will make a log Fixlog. Please read all of these lines first so that it is all clear to you about our plan. I need a one time run of MBAR like listed here, please. On some systems, this may take a few extra seconds. Please be patient and wait for the program to open. Click ‘OK’. Click ‘Yes’ to this message, to allow the driver to load after a restart. Allow the computer to restart. Continue with the rest of these instructions.

Please attach that to your next repl. I initially ran the fixlist under “jason” which doesn’t have admin rights. It ran and the pc rebooted. I downloaded and ran MBAR. I have re-run the FRST tool again. I had already started to remove them Thank you for sending all the reports. Note: we want to be real sure that while this case is being worked, that you are logged in to Windows with the account that has Administrator-level rights.

You want to be on “ian”. The MBAR scan log report shows more adwares removed. Mainly Adware. That is normal for the query on that registry key. If there is still some issue on startup of Normal mode, then do the following procedure to do a clean boot startup, which should involved the disabling of McAfee and any other non-Microsoft app. You want to keep written notes for your benefit on what is turned off. Was able to perform clean boot temporarily de-installing McAffee to completely stop it running – but no further success in normal mode I’m afraid.

Switched back to safe mode and installed Malwarebytes for Windows and ran the scan anyway. Results file attached. I opted to quarantine everything it suggested and tried another normal boot still with clean boot on – not further success other than when hitting the “windows” key the screen does show that Malwarebytes has been recently installed.

I then tried to get to msconfig again using the “type here to search”. This brought up the screen you’d expect image 1. I then picked run as admin So I get the sense that something is blocking the normal video feed to the screen We want to stick with the “ian” account when logging in to Windows. That is a must have, since it has Administrator rights.

That helps a tremendous lot when doing cleanups. The following needs to be done in Normal mode if at all possible; otherwise, do it in Safe Mode with Networking. Please close Chrome and all other open web browsers after you have saved the Adwcleaner and before you start Adwcleaner scan.

Be sure to Save the file first, to your system. Saving to the Downloads folder should be the default on your system. Go to the folder where you saved Adwcleaner. Double click Adwcleaner to start it. You will then see a main screen for Adwcleaner. In Adwcleaner, click the “Reports” button. Save the file to your system and then Attach that with your reply, at some point when all here is done. Look on the right side of the page.

Go to the saved file, and double click it to get it started. When prompted for scan type, Click on Full scan Click on the radio selection “Enable ESET to detect and quarantine potentially unwanted applications” and click on Start scan button. Have patience. The entire process may take an hour or more. There is an initial update download. There is a progress window display. You should ignore all prompts to get the ESET antivirus software program.

You do not need to buy or get or install anything else. When the scan is completed, if something was found, it will show a screen with the number of detected items. I actually ran downloaded and ran Adwcleaner on the 4th September before contacting this forum, so have included the details of that clean report as well as the one run last night. This took some time as it scanned both “c” and “d” drives and I suspect found some of the files the the original ADWcleaner had quarantined.

While reviewing the log from that run, I have to wonder and ask: Did you at some recent point, move relocate your “users” folder to the D drive? My second question is: Have you tweaked settings for Windows like a custom Registry change from some community forum site? I mean, you need to do a new Restart. Next, go to this Microsoft link to get the latest Service Stack Update for your specific Windows 64 bit for Intel machines.

Remember that your machine is a Intel bit system listed there as x64 based. You want to download the 2nd line item there by clicking Download on the right The second line listed on that page. Click the blue link to begin the download. On your next prompt, click Save. After that, click on RUN. Do just as listed before, when you get the small window, click the blue link to begin the Download. Let me know how these go. The hope here, is that having these latest Updates will do the cure, so that this machine can then have a regular, usual, normal loadup into Normal Windows.

Firstly I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continue support in resolving this issue. I very much appreciate it. In June I upgraded the system and added an SDD drive which is now the new “C” drive, that we have been working on. The migration was done using Acronis True Image software that it still loaded.

My son is the main user of this machine but I have never tweaked settings as far as I’m aware he would not have done either Using the installed updates panel I took a look and could see that both these packages were installed yesterday. I have automatic updates turned on so at least that part of the system remains health! As to the main issue at hand, I personally tend to think what is needed is a repair install of Windows. Since I do not have info on what video hardware is on this pc, nor what driver version is installed, I would hesitate from remarking on nvidia forum citation.

Would you please go to the Start button and then the RUN option. This starts the Microsoft System Information tool. Allow enough time for the applet to load and finish. Look on first screen on the menu bar. Please download MiniToolBox save it to your desktop and run it. I am unable to access anything on my computer besides task manager. I tried to run explorer. Hope you can help. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. DaveM Independent Advisor. Please try each option one at a time, then see of Windows will boot.