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Bootcamp Windows 10 No Sound Issue: Learn How to Fix it Quickly.Fixing No HDMI Sound Issue On Windows 10 – TechLoris

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It changes settings when new audio cables are connected or disconnected. After connecting the HDMI cable to both the computer and the output device, navigate to the taskbar. The Sound wizard opens. Ensure the HDMI cable is connected when configuring this. Windows automatically updates drivers for you but once in a while, you should do it yourself.

Follow these steps to update your sound drivers. Windows troubleshooter is designed to diagnose computer problems quickly and automatically solve them. Windows PC users can make use of the audio troubleshooter , which is built into the Control Panel. On the troubleshooter that opens, click Next.

The troubleshooter will start checking the audio service status. Make any changes suggested by the troubleshooter, and follow the on-screen instructions to completion. It will be displayed on the screen with the name of your device.

Refer given pic. Note: If the device name does not appear on the screen, then right-click on the empty space. Refer above picture.

Now, right-click on the audio device and check if it is enabled. If not, click on Enable, as shown. Finally, click Apply followed by OK to save the changes and exit the window.

The device drivers installed on your system, if incompatible, might trigger HDMI sound not working in Windows 10 when connected to the TV issue. Fix this problem quickly, by updating system drivers to their latest version. Find and Download the drivers corresponding to the Windows version on your PC.

Once downloaded, double click on the downloaded file and follow the given instructions to install it. Follow the same steps for all device drivers such as audio, video, network, etc. Click on Search automatically for drivers under How do you want to search for drivers? If the HDMI had been working correctly and began to malfunction after an update, then rolling back the Graphics Drivers might help.

The rollback of drivers will delete the current driver installed in the system and replace it with its previous version. Type Device Manager in the Windows search bar and open it from the search results. Double-click on the Display adapters from the panel on the left and expand it. Switch to the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver , as shown. Note: If the option to Roll Back Driver is greyed out in your system, it indicates that your system does not have the pre-installed driver files or the original driver files are missing.

In this case, try alternative methods discussed in this article. Finally, click on Yes in the confirmation prompt and restart your system to make the rollback effective.

All the audio controllers on your device should be enabled, especially when you have more than one audio driver installed. Move to the next step, if it is already checked. Here, search for the audio controller i. Then, click on Properties , as shown below.

Note: If the audio controller drivers are already enabled, an option to Disable Device will appear on the screen. Now, repeat steps to uninstall High Definition Audio Controller. If you have more than one audio controller in your Windows system, uninstall all of them using the same steps. Restart your system. Windows will automatically install the latest drivers from its repository.

Windows Troubleshooter is an extremely useful in-built tool that helps sort out several common issues with Windows computer systems. In this scenario, the functionality of hardware components audio, video, etc will be tested. The issues responsible for such discrepancies will be found and resolved. Note: Make sure you log in as an administrator before proceeding. Hit the Windows key on the keyboard and type troubleshoot , as depicted. Click on Open from the right pane to launch the Troubleshoot settings window.


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Just as other Windows devices, it is due to the improper physical condition and the outdated or missing or corrupted HDMI audio drivers. Here are several ways you can try. In this sense, you are supposed to at first set the HDMI audio device as the default playback devices. Note: If you failed to find the HDMI audio device or Digital output device, right click your mouse in the Sound window and choose Show disconnected devices and Show disabled devices.

Then you can see the HDMI audio showing up and set it as the default device. And if your HDMI audio keeps out of work or the device is not showing up on playback devices, you can follow the next solution. Under this circumstance, you are suggested to update the HDMI audio driver as soon as possible. You can use device manager which is the built in tool for managing device drivers, so with it, you can undoubtedly update the HDMI audio driver to the latest version.

But the defect is that you may fail to get the compatible driver for Windows 10 in device manager. On condition of that, you can also try to go to the official site to download the HDMI driver for Windows Driver Booster is a safe and professional driver downloading and updating tool, with the help of it, you are able to update your HDMI audio driver automatically.

After you have downloaded and launched Driver Booster on your PC, you can follow the instructions to complete the process. Driver Booster will automatically help you search your PC and find the outdated, missing or damaged driver, including HDMI audio driver.

Whatever playing sound issue you occurs in Windows 10 you can use the troubleshooter to fix it. In this condition, the playing audio troubleshooter will detect the HDMI hardware issue and settings issue to fix it automatically. In troubleshoot tab, find Playing audio and run the troubleshooter. After that, playing audio troubleshooter will start scan the HDMI device problems and fix it automatically. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Windows Errors. In the Levels tab, adjust the level to 75 or more. Solution 4: Run Playing Audio Troubleshooter Whatever playing sound issue you occurs in Windows 10 you can use the troubleshooter to fix it. Select the trouble audio devices. Related Articles: 5. How to Adjust Mouse Wheel on Windows You Might Also Like. Accessories Windows Errors. Accessories Program Windows Errors.


How to Fix Windows 10 HDMI Audio Not Working? []

1. Make Sure All External Conditions OK · 2. Run the Playing Audio Troubleshooter · 3. Uninstall Audio Drivers · 4. Install & Update Outdated Drivers · 5. Fix No. How to select the HDMI sound output as the audio device? · Click on the volume icon on the taskbar at the bottom right of the screen. · Click on. Solve Windows 10 HDMI audio problems. Working fixes for error like HDMI not showing up in playback devices. 30 different causes and answers.