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As a small business owner, you have to deal with multiple things all at once. Owning and managing a small business requires you to undertake a range of tasks.

These include serving customers, managing business finances, hiring the right people, developing a customer base, etc. Given this, if you are investing too much time in preparing invoices, that would mean less time for the core activities thereby resulting in loss of business. Thus, you need an invoicing system that allows you to create invoices professionally within no time so that you get paid faster.

In this article, we will have a look at what is an invoice, what should be included in commercial Invoice Templates, types of invoices for your small business, and how can you create an invoice template , invoice template word , invoice template Google Sheets , invoice template PDF , invoice template Excel or use online invoice generator or invoice makerto create invoices.

An invoice is a commercial document that acts as proof of the sale of goods or services by a seller to a buyer. A simple invoice contains details about the quantity and price at which such goods or services are sold by the seller.

In addition to this, the invoice declares the terms of payment at which goods or services have been agreed to be supplied. Invoice payment terms define how you as a supplier expect to be paid by the buyer.

Hence, the invoice payment terms specify details such as the time period of payment, the manner in which you would like to be paid, the currency you deal in if you have supplied goods and services overseas, late payment charges, etc. There are other details that are outlined in a simple invoice.

These vary depending upon the country in which the invoice is issued and the type of goods and services being sold. The biggest challenge for you as a small business owner is to know when and what amount of payment is going to come into your bank account. Thus, forecasting your business cash flows is crucial, and invoicing plays an important role in predicting your cash flows.

Having a proper invoice system, you can create professional invoices within no time and ensure that your clients pay you in time. In other words, if you do not know when your invoices are due or what are the penalties for non-payment, it could seriously impact your cash flow projections.

And incorrect cash flow projections may severely impact your business. There are a number of items that go into a simple invoice. These are as follows:. You can choose to create invoice formats using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, an online accounting software, a free invoice maker or invoice generator, use free invoice templates or our invoice examples.

Ready-to-use blank invoice templates save you a lot of time and effort in creating professional invoices for your business. Understanding the time and effort you invest in creating invoice books, we have put together free invoice templates or invoice examples that help you get your invoice format right. All you need to do is simply download free invoice templates, customize them, send invoice books to your customers, and get paid in time. All the commercial invoice templates or invoice examples given here:.

There are a number of options available when it comes to selecting a business invoice template format that you can use. Each of these commercial invoice template choices has its pros and cons. You can choose to create a business invoice template in Microsoft Word. Below are the steps that you can follow to create an invoice template Word:. Invoice Template Word is good when it comes to making your invoices look professional and visually appealing. This is because of the wide range of styling options such as fonts, colors, font sizes, etc that Microsoft Word offers.

However, it is quite painful to insert the line items and undertake calculations such as taxes, sum totals, etc. Thus, creating your own invoice template in Word from start to finish may leave you exhausted. Therefore, you can use existing blank invoice templates or invoice examples given here to make things easy initially. This is because these invoice examples or business invoice templates are pre-formatted and you do not have to invest much time in adding the line items, adjusting margins , etc.

You can simply download free invoice template, fill the details as per your need in various sections, and get going. Following are the steps to create commercial invoice template in Excel or invoice template Google Sheets:. Making invoice template in excel or invoice template Google Sheets is suggested over invoice template Word. This is because Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets enables you to use formulas in various sections of the sample invoice template.

For instance, you can use the SUM function to make your calculations easy. Likewise, you can easily insert tables containing multiple items and use formulas without putting in much effort. Thus, Microsoft Excel works beautifully when it comes to adding subtotals and making things automatic. However, it fails to shine when it comes to making printable invoices visually appealing. One of the major shortcomings of creating an invoice template in excel or invoice template Google Sheets is that it is difficult to give a professional look to it.

Moreover, it is also challenging to change the column width in Microsoft Excel. Thus, the moment you try to adjust the column width according to the number of items, the whole document gets tampered. Many small business owners do not use Microsoft Excel or Word to create sample invoice templates. The invoice template PDF helps you as a small business owner to create sample invoice templates that can be customized according to your business needs.

These invoices are editable, that is, they allow you to edit or add new text, change fonts, add or replace images, etc. Thus, instead of creating an invoice template PDF from scratch, you can simply use the editable invoice template PDF, customize it, and send it to your customer for faster payment.

But as a small business owner, you understand that invoicing is an essential part of your business. It is not just limited to creating tax invoice template. Rather, invoicing should be a complete system that helps you keep track of what is going in and coming out of business and undertake cash flow projections. So, given this, creating or using tax invoice template word, invoice template Google Sheets, or invoice template PDF can be good initially when you start your business.

But, these may not be the ideal ways of undertaking invoicing to run your business efficiently. Pro Forma Invoice is a preliminary invoice constituting an estimate or a quotation, product or service description, and their quantity to be delivered to your customers. Since its not an invoice, it is not requesting your customer for payment. An Interim Invoice is a type of invoice that you can use as a small business in order to collect payment from your customers in milestones.

That is, you can bill your customers based on the percentage of the project that has been completed to date. Recurring invoices are the invoices that you send to the same customers, containing the same details at regular intervals of time.

Past Due Invoices are the invoices that have not been paid by your customers on their due date. So, if you provide a credit period to your customers, then you would have to collect payments for a Past Due Invoice.

Final Invoice is the one that you send to your customer once the work is completed asking for a payment. Following are the other types of invoices that you must know as a small business owner:. QuickBooks Online Accounting Software allows you to create customized, professional-looking online invoice within no time that enables you to get paid faster. Here are some of the ways in which you can make invoicing a breeze with QuickBooks Online:. You can use tax invoice templates that come in-built with QuickBooks to create and send online invoices to your customers.

The tax invoice templates are pre-formatted and allow you to simply fill in the required details, make changes as per your business needs, and send it to your customers for payment.

You can also create custom online invoices using in-built styling options to match your brand identity. With QuickBooks Online Accounting Software, you can easily check which customers have made payments and which customers are yet to pay. Furthermore, you can track your payments wherever you go, at any time, and on any device including a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can even see overdue invoices and send automatic reminders for unpaid invoices.

With QuickBooks Online Accounting Software, you can automate your invoicing process, save time, and ensure accuracy. Further, you can schedule and send invoices to your regular customers.

Also, you can choose to send online invoices individually or in batches, thus saving more time for your core activities. Here are some of the ways in which QuickBooks allows you to automate invoicing:. A reminder email is automatically sent to the customer whose due date to make payment is fast approaching. QuickBooks enables you to set up recurring invoices for customers whom you bill regularly, thus saving you more time. There is no need for you to manually calculate the amount of tax, discounts, and shipping costs as QuickBooks does it for you.

You just need to fill in the details like per-unit price, quantity, tax rates, discount rates, etc, and let QuickBooks do the rest of the work for you.

QuickBooks allows you to create and send online invoices effortlessly within minutes. Further, you do not have to be bound to your office desk as you can access your QuickBooks account anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

You can even send the invoices to your customers via WhatsApp. Thus, QuickBooks gives you the power to run your business on the go. Here are the important purposes that online invoices serve:. Creating printable invoices manually or using free sample invoice templates and making necessary changes is time-consuming.

However, creating and sending an online invoice is much quick and simple. As client and vendor information is already saved in cloud. You simply need to login to your account, select the customer, add necessary details and send the requisite invoice via email.

Further, you Fastrack payments by setting reminders for upcoming or past due invoices and recurring invoices for customers whom you invoice on regular basis. Both you and the buyer can use online invoices to track payments. As a seller, you can know the amount that you are bound to receive in a specific month, check which customers have made the payments and the ones who are yet to make payments.

Likewise, your customers too can know the amount they owe to you, time at which they are bound to make such payments, and manage their cash flows accordingly. Creating an online invoice is way more efficient compared to creating sample invoice templates manually as it automates the entire invoicing process.

Online invoicing allows you to schedule invoices for regular customers, send printable invoices in batches, and set automatic invoice reminders to get prompt payments. With online invoice, you also do not have to worry about doing calculations manually as taxes, discounts, totals, and subtotals get calculated automatically.

You do not have to be bound to your desk for creating and sending printable invoices to your customers. Online invoicing helps you create and send professional invoices anytime, anywhere, and through any device, thus allowing you to manage your business on the go. Since all your invoices are on the cloud, there is no chance of losing any of your invoice documents for future reference.



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Get a frills-free and fast invoicing solution with the free invoice template. Downloac award-winning support, unique features and a streamlined payment system that will get you paid 2x faster. The free Quickbooks invoice template from FreshBooks is especially designed for small businesses, freelancers, contractors, consultants and the self-employed. It was created to make your business look more professional and to help keep your billing organized.

DOCExcel. XLS. Then, customize it quickbooks invoice template download free you like or keep it simple. You can find the free invoice templates gallery here. Add or remove fields, change the header and add a logo.

Or keep things simple, add a few details and send onvoice off. A Quickbooks invoice is used by a seller to request payment from a buyer. It is a formal document that lists the products or service a business has provided to a buyer and templafe the buyer is now bound to pay for. Quickbooks invoices can be used by any small business who is selling cree product or service to a buyer quickboooks credit.

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Join 30 million people who have used FreshBooks. Get Your Free Quickbooks Invoice Template The free Quickbooks invoice template from FreshBooks is especially designed for quickbkoks businesses, freelancers, contractors, consultants and the self-employed. View More Formats. Create My Free Invoice. How to Create a Quickbooks Invoice Create a Quickbooks invoice by following these steps: Download your free Quickbooks invoice template Add your contact основываясь на этих данных. Add a shipping address, if needed, and shipping terms.

Add quickbooks invoice template download free invoice number, invoice date and payment /28059.txt date Include a purchase order number, if your customer qickbooks you one, and a tracking number, if applicable Insert a payment due date List the services or products provided.

Include quickbooks invoice template download free description, unit price, price and quantities. Find the subtotal. Add sales tax, if applicable, and a tax number. Include discounts, shipping and handling, late fees or credit, if required.

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