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Our guided tours and coach marks will help you get familiar with the UI, which has been designed for touch and the power of the Apple Pencil. Easily share with collaborators for commenting. Bring in your raw photos from your camera, iPhone 13 Pro ProRaw , or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, edit them with the power of Photoshop, and send them back to your Lightroom catalog.

Convert layers into Smart Objects that you can transform in a nondestructive way. Smudge, mix, and blend to create an original masterpiece.

Intensify or remove color from selected areas in a single brushstroke. With context-aware UI, only the core tools and panes are displayed, so you can focus on your canvas, not the clutter. No difference. Simplify reviews by sharing for comments right within Photoshop.

Your documents are automatically saved to the cloud as you work and available on any device running Photoshop. We’ve got an update this month with some bug fixes: – Fixed bugs causing some crashes – Improved performance when placing a document with a large number of layers We hope you enjoy these updates and continue having fun and creating with Photoshop!

Photoshop for iPadOS is powered by the same code base that drives the iconic desktop version, and it adds a new customizable interface optimized for touch and Apple Pencil. The result is a line of braille that can change from moment to moment.

Current dynamic braille displays range in size from one cell six or eight dots to an eighty-cell line, most having between twelve and twenty cells per line. Content developer Someone who authors Web pages or designs Web sites. Deprecated A deprecated element or attribute is one that has been outdated by newer constructs.

Deprecated elements may become obsolete in future versions of HTML. Authors should avoid using deprecated elements and attributes. User agents should continue to support for reasons of backward compatibility. Device independent Users must be able to interact with a user agent and the document it renders using the supported input and output devices of their choice and according to their needs.

Input devices may include pointing devices, keyboards, braille devices, head wands, microphones, and others. Output devices may include monitors, speech synthesizers, and braille devices.

Please note that “device-independent support” does not mean that user agents must support every input or output device. User agents should offer redundant input and output mechanisms for those devices that are supported. For example, if a user agent supports keyboard and mouse input, users should be able to interact with all features using either the keyboard or the mouse. Document Content, Structure, and Presentation The content of a document refers to what it says to the user through natural language, images, sounds, movies, animations, etc.

The structure of a document is how it is organized logically e. An element e. The presentation of a document is how the document is rendered e. An element that specifies document presentation e. Consider a document header, for example. The content of the header is what the header says e. Finally, the presentation of the header might be a bold block text in the margin, a centered line of text, a title spoken with a certain voice style like an aural font , etc. Most guidelines may be applicable to applications using DHTML, however the following guidelines focus on issues related to scripting and style sheets: guideline 1 , guideline 3 , guideline 6 , guideline 7 , and guideline 9.

Element This document uses the term “element” both in the strict SGML sense an element is a syntactic construct and more generally to mean a type of content such as video or sound or a logical construct such as a header or list. The second sense emphasizes that a guideline inspired by HTML could easily apply to another markup language.

Note that some SGML elements have content that is rendered e. An element that causes text characters to be part of the document is called a text element. Equivalent Content is “equivalent” to other content when both fulfill essentially the same function or purpose upon presentation to the user. In the context of this document, the equivalent must fulfill essentially the same function for the person with a disability at least insofar as is feasible, given the nature of the disability and the state of technology , as the primary content does for the person without any disability.

For example, the text “The Full Moon” might convey the same information as an image of a full moon when presented to users. Note that equivalent information focuses on fulfilling the same function.

If the image is part of a link and understanding the image is crucial to guessing the link target, an equivalent must also give users an idea of the link target. Providing equivalent information for inaccessible content is one of the primary ways authors can make their documents accessible to people with disabilities. As part of fulfilling the same function of content an equivalent may involve a description of that content i.

For example, in order for users to understand the information conveyed by a complex chart, authors should describe the visual information in the chart. Since text content can be presented to the user as synthesized speech, braille, and visually-displayed text, these guidelines require text equivalents for graphic and audio information. Text equivalents must be written so that they convey all essential content. Non-text equivalents e.

Equivalent information may be provided in a number of ways, including through attributes e. Depending on the complexity of the equivalent, it may be necessary to combine techniques e. A text transcript is a text equivalent of audio information that includes spoken words and non-spoken sounds such as sound effects. A caption is a text transcript for the audio track of a video presentation that is synchronized with the video and audio tracks. Captions are generally rendered visually by being superimposed over the video, which benefits people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, and anyone who cannot hear the audio e.

A collated text transcript combines collates captions with text descriptions of video information descriptions of the actions, body language, graphics, and scene changes of the video track. These text equivalents make presentations accessible to people who are deaf-blind and to people who cannot play movies, animations, etc.

It also makes the information available to search engines. One example of a non-text equivalent is an auditory description of the key visual elements of a presentation.

The description is either a prerecorded human voice or a synthesized voice recorded or generated on the fly. The auditory description is synchronized with the audio track of the presentation, usually during natural pauses in the audio track. Auditory descriptions include information about actions, body language, graphics, and scene changes. Image A graphical presentation. Image map An image that has been divided into regions with associated actions. Clicking on an active region causes an action to occur.

When a user clicks on an active region of a client-side image map, the user agent calculates in which region the click occurred and follows the link associated with that region. Clicking on an active region of a server-side image map causes the coordinates of the click to be sent to a server, which then performs some action.

Content developers can make client-side image maps accessible by providing device-independent access to the same links associated with the image map’s regions. Client-side image maps allow the user agent to provide immediate feedback as to whether or not the user’s pointer is over an active region. Important Information in a document is important if understanding that information is crucial to understanding the document.

Linearized table A table rendering process where the contents of the cells become a series of paragraphs e. The paragraphs will occur in the same order as the cells are defined in the document source. Cells should make sense when read in order and should include structural elements that create paragraphs, headers, lists, etc. Link text The rendered text content of a link.

Navigation Mechanism A navigation mechanism is any means by which a user can navigate a page or site. Some typical mechanisms include: navigation bars A navigation bar is a collection of links to the most important parts of a document or site. Most PDAs are used to track personal data such as calendars, contacts, and electronic mail. A PDA is generally a handheld device with a small screen that allows input from various sources.

Screen magnifier A software program that magnifies a portion of the screen, so that it can be more easily viewed. Screen magnifiers are used primarily by individuals with low vision. Screen reader A software program that reads the contents of the screen aloud to a user.

Screen readers are used primarily by individuals who are blind. Screen readers can usually only read text that is printed, not painted, to the screen. Style sheets A style sheet is a set of statements that specify presentation of a document. Style sheets may have three different origins: they may be written by content providers, created by users, or built into user agents.

Presentation markup is markup that achieves a stylistic rather than structuring effect such as the B or I elements in HTML. Note that the STRONG and EM elements are not considered presentation markup since they convey information that is independent of a particular font style. Tabular information When tables are used to represent logical relationships among data — text, numbers, images, etc.

The relationships expressed by a table may be rendered visually usually on a two-dimensional grid , aurally often preceding cells with header information , or in other formats. Until user agents In most of the checkpoints, content developers are asked to ensure the accessibility of their pages and sites. However, there are accessibility needs that would be more appropriately met by user agents including assistive technologies. As of the publication of this document, not all user agents or assistive technologies provide the accessibility control users require e.

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