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Quickbooks desktop not responding
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Welcome to the Community. I’m happy to offer my assistance to keep your account from freezing up. I first recommend clearing the cache within Internet Explorer, which connects to your Desktop account. The cache can become bogged down with excess data, therefore slowing down the system. Additionally, you may want to consider rebuilding and verifying your data in case there’s any damage.

This will get you back up and running. Keep up the great work and please let me know if you have any other questions. I am having more and more freeze ups with QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Can’t pin it down to one thing, but it is very frustrating and time consuming to use task manager which sometimes will resolve the frozen window so I can restart QB and other times having to restart the pc. We too are having difficulty. Desktop version – we just updated, one computer works the other is freezing just after the file is logged into.

Have you had a chance to try the steps provided by MorganB , and FritzF? If you have and you’re still having issues, allow me to provide another alternative. QuickBooks has the ability to compress your company file into a portable copy. This file format is easier to transfer via email or through an external storage device. This also helps to fix latency issues within the file.

To do this, please follow the steps below:. Note : you may need to reattach any documents you had attached before creating a portable copy. You can find more information on that here. Just in case you need it, I’m attaching the article that goes over portable files here. If you’re still experiencing performance issues with your company file, there may yet be something else going. Once you have a moment to try out these steps, comment back with your results. I’ll be on standby here waiting for your response.

We recommend 3 solutions to help you fix the issue. You can check this article for the detailed steps: Troubleshooting basics with QuickBooks for Mac. We’re here if you need our help. Just leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. I’ve downloaded other accounts at the same bank and they’ve been fine. I can’t download to a certain checking banking account, which of course, has the most transactions.

I’ve even split the date range quarterly as opposed to downloading say a full year. I’ve created a new bank account just to try – that works in the Sample Company File, but not in my company file. Thanks for getting back to us, bcav. I appreciate the steps you’ve done to get this working. Since it’s working on the sample file, your main company file might be damaged causing this unusual behavior. To isolate this, return let’s run the QuickBooks built-in diagnostic and repair tools called rebuild and verify data utilities.

These tools comb through, repair, and notify you of data damage within the file. Go to File , then select Utilities and Rebuild Data.

Choose OK. Follow the prompts to save a backup. Click OK when you see Rebuild has completed. Now, go back to File , then Utilities and select Verify Data this time. Once done, try to download your bank transactions again to double-check. That’s it! Give this a try and please let me know how it goes in the comment section below. I’m always here should you have any follow-up questions and concerns.

Take care and have a wonderful rest of the day. I did however just try to verify and rebuild the data, and both task worked and came back with no errors. Thanks for getting back to me, bcav. I appreciate you trying the steps I’ve provided and for adding a screenshot of the error. I’m here to help make sure this is taken care of. Just to confirm, have you tried to download your bank transactions again after performing the verify and rebuild utility? If so, are you still getting the same error message?

If that’s the case, It’ll be best to contact our Phone Support team this time. They have tools such as screen-sharing that can check your QuickBooks and investigate why you’re having this issue in a secure environment.

Here’s how to reach them:. Choose your QuickBooks product at the upper right. Select a topic. Click on the green button that says Get Phone Number. That should point you in the right direction.

Please let me know how it goes after contacting them. I want to make sure this is fixed. Take care always! Hello, bcav. Would it be possible for you to provide which link is not working?

So that I’m able to give you the correct link and make sure you’ll be provided with the best resolution. If you need to discuss sensitive information, you may want to call in to speak with an agent so they can help you get back up and running. You can always stay connected with us by leaving a Reply below. Looking forward to your response. My desktop version of QB shuts down or freezes multiple times a day.

I have run through all the trouble shooting the fix tool, uninstalling and reinstalling, etc. I have called support and had them remote into my computer and ‘fix it’ twice. It works for about a day or 2 and then everytime I run a report or try change the filter- or even just scrolling down through the actual report will make QB freeze or close. It happened 4x this morning while trying to open a check register report.

What else could be causing this? I appreciate the steps you’ve tried to fix this issue. Let me help share additional information about other resolutions for you to try. We have an updated article for the solutions provided when QuickBooks stops working. I’d suggest going through the steps that you haven’t tried yet to check if this will help fix the issue.

There are several possible causes that make the program froze. It could be that company name is too long, or you may have corruption on your hard drive. You can check this helpful article for more details: Solutions for when QuickBooks stops working. However, if you’ve already tried all the steps provided in the article, I’d suggest contacting our Desktop Care support again to get this issue escalated.

They have the necessary tools to further isolate this issue. Thanks for joining the thread, Cheryl In the article shared by my colleague above, you have five solutions that can help you fix the issue. If you still experience the issue, let’s proceed to the next solution. Please follow the steps below:. If the issue persists, you can read this article for solution three to five: Solutions for when QuickBooks Stops Working.

Please let us know if you have any other questions with QuickBooks Desktop. We’re always here to help. I have wasted all day trying to reconcile statements. Everything is fine until I try to print the reconciliation and then the page freezes and I cannot continue. I have downloaded the diagnostic tool and installed it, rebooted and I still have the same problem.

I expect better than this from QuickBooks. How about a chat session to fix this? Click the Help tab at the top menu bar you can still do this without opening a company file.

Lastly, you can check to this article for more information about resolving issues cause QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Desktop stop working or not responding.

Your patience is much appreciated today. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

I loaded a QuickBooks Tool Hub and ran a diagnostic. I have hired outside support to try to fix this. It is still freezing! This is getting ridiculous. I think it is an issue with Quickbooks and not the user. I can see that you’ve already called our support and did a lot of troubleshooting. I appreciate you for following them.

However, you’ll want to call us again to review the call logs and check if there’s another resolution we can offer. Enter a search word. Hence, resolving all your issues. This is a system issue.

Consult a qualified IT professional if the following steps still not resolve your issue. You can create a new Windows Admin user account and then open your Company file using the new user admin account you created. In case if your QuickBooks has stopped working due to the anniversary installation of windows 10, then you can call your QuickBooks customer Support team or also resolve by yourself by following the below steps:.

Here we are going to discuss some questions and their answers. Read the questions and find your solution. Here are some solutions to fix the Quickbooks not working issue. Read the solutions and get fix your problem. INI file. Restart the system and disable the anti-virus program Temporary.

Click once and allow it enough time to load. When it opens, you can start with it. Sometimes QuickBooks freezes up and we are unable to work on the QB.

This will identify the issue. Here are the steps to download and run the tool. When the download completes, save the file. Close all the running programs and run the QBInstall tool. At last restart your system.



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Jan 10,  · Close your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). Download our QuickBooks Tool Hub; Open the file you downloaded (). Follow the on-screen steps to install. When the install finishes, open the tool hub on your Windows desktop. Select Program Problems. Click Quick Fix my Program. Start QuickBooks Desktop and open your data file. Feb 21,  · At first, right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop and choose Properties.; Then, navigate to the Compatibility tab, and unmark the “Run this Programming as Administrator checkbox” option. Once you find an option that is already unchecked, click on the Apply option.; After that, click on OK and restart your system.; Lastly, check if your issue QuickBooks . Apr 13,  · Before trying to resolve QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or Not Responding Error, follow these steps: Firstly, restart the PC and open QuickBooks software After that, go to start –> All Programs –> Right-click on QuickBooks Press the Ctrl key and open the application.