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Top 10 Most Important Group Policy Settings for Preventing Security Breaches

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Hi All,. I installed windows patches last night and this morning found out that there were a number of issues with my GPO’s › chan › all_p


Fix Not Found In Windows 10/Windows 11


By joining Download. Free YouTube Downloader. IObit Uninstaller. Internet Download Manager. WinRAR bit. Advanced SystemCare Free. VLC Media Player. MacX YouTube Downloader. Microsoft Office YTD Video Downloader. Adobe Photoshop CC. VirtualDJ Avast Free Security. You could easily spend a day working your way through each setting one my one, customizing the look, feel and security of your system. It’s great fun for anyone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty! As mentioned above, Group Policy Editor is limited to Windows 10 Professional, so you may not be able to access it right now — but do not panic!

Ordinarily, upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro is fairly expensive. You can use the key on a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro, or upgrade your existing and fully activated version of Windows 10 Home without having to reinstall Windows, preserving all your files and programs.

Show all. Group Policy Editor is unique to the Professional edition of Windows 10, and it gives you access to hundreds of settings that are either simply not available in the Home edition, or have to be implemented through awkward registry edits If you did not already know about Group Policy Editor, it’s unlikely you’d stumble across it by accident.

Group Policy Editor may not look like much but it gives you great power. Note that an additional Cloud Content policy, Do not suggest third-party content in Windows spotlight , does apply to Windows 10 Pro.

When both of these policy settings are enabled, the combination will also disable lock screen apps assigned access on Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education only. These policy settings can be applied to Windows 10 Pro, but lock screen apps will not be disabled on Windows 10 Pro. The description will be corrected in a future release. In Windows 10, version , this policy setting can be applied to Windows 10 Pro. Different GPO applied. Different polices must be applied here.

Agreed, the first post here isn’t an answer, rather a link to more rhetoric. After trying that fix I was still left wondering why gpupdates did not work on my clients running 10 PRO. Anyways, thank you PGclm. After reading the “Bottom Line” quote, my gpupdates apply on my clients now In the Delegations Tab: click the Advanced Button way down at the lower right.

In the popup window you will select read and apply permissions for the Domain Users and Domain computers groups. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro?


Download Group Policy Editor for Windows 10 Home Edition .Local Group Policy Editor for Windows 10 Home Edition – Microsoft Community


Still really should be able though to switch off anything store related. This whole thing looks to me like backsliding to what Win8 was so heavily criticised for i. I just bought the Pro version for the gpedit functionality, this silly step by Microsoft totally breaks my trust in this OS and the company behind.

Where is the official and complete listing from Microsoft of Anniversary Update changes to group policy? You guys are paying for MS stuff? Pirate everything. Technical users find clean copies in the usual places and distribute them to your friends and family on flash drives. This is how it all started. My first copy of Win3. Get clean copies of Win7 and Office and hook your people up. In the old days Microsoft would actually take your computer away and send you to jail.

Our first computer in Chico California was a pirated version sold as new at Computer Where House and as soon as Dad went thru the validation process MS immediately sent him a letter saying it was a pirated version and he had 30 days to take it back to where it came from.

In my opinion pirating is not an acceptable practice. Did you know that Microsoft is actually Nokia now? Several years ago all the PC people got fired and replaced with Nokia phone people when MS bought out Nokia a failed smart phone company. Do you seriously believe that smart phone people will know how to program for a PC? Smart phone users have entirely different agendas then we do.

Most of them want to just shop and chat only so Candy Crush ads are no big deal to them and Microsoft or MicroNokia is NOT going to please the few that still uses a computer. Personally I think these big corporations are the Republican globalists throwing a fit at the Liberals. Joe ……. Actually, you can defer upgrades such as this Anniversary Update. So, the maximum deferral supported by Microsoft would be up to about this time next year.

At that time you would have the choice to upgrade to the Anniversary Update or skip to Redstone 2 that would have been released during that time. Maybe Redstone 2 will back out some of these changes if there is enough backlash. Otherwise, that gives you breathing room to think about whether you will upgrade to Enterprise or find some other solution to work around these limitations. Matt ……. IOW, Win 10 Pro cptrs can only defer it for a maximum of 8 months. Win 10 Ent will not hv this change in GPEditor.

You can defer upgrades for up to 1 year. FUD ……. This change in GPEdit will only be implemented with the coming 02 Aug Anniversary Update, which incidentally also likely happens to be the same as the very recent Win 10 Insider Test Build Martin, is this post shaping up to be a record for the most user replies in all of your blog or site history? Sure seems like it! I knew that this day would come when windows become something like that.

Under new circumstances its getting ridiculous to use this window anymore. WIndows was crap from ages. And now microsoft making it more or like same! Really happy I am on Mac OS almost full time now. My gaming PC will never leave 8. Microsoft has taken away options that I and other uses paid a premium for that is not right. I wish there was an alternative for gaming because I want to be done with Microsoft.

This is absolutely unacceptable and as I move to find a new vendor for my own apps, I am hoping to get an Android or iOS solution. It will be very embarrassing next week if it turns out that the way group policies work in the real release is different. Nobody is confirming anything with Microsoft and are just posting and reposting these findings in this one Insider build as facts regarding the final release of the Anniversary Update build.

I just got the New update and as a win10 pro user the main thing I have lost is the ability to use Text to Speech voices from other regions. I was using a UK voice and it better matches that sound of the New Zealand language.

I imaging that if say an Indian user in New Zealand was using an Indian text to speech that it would completely mutilate the pronunciation. So Microsoft new features are the removal of Old features. The current version I have installed is OS Build I can not turn off Microsoft consumer experiences, choose to not show Windows Tips, turn Off the lock screen, or Disable all apps from Windows Store. I tried with gpedit. Why else would they the Borg have Insiders give opinions on a version that would be different from what is to come, if they did what would be the advantage of having Insiders in the first place?

I look at gpedit. Those kinds of changes will not give you an error message, you will think you succeeded, but nothing really changed , and this is true even if you edit the registry directly. There were also some scheduled tasks pertaining to CEIP in windows 7, among other things. Do you know if those tasks are still there, can they be disabled, are there new ones, etc.? Thanks for the info.

U r the real Superman. Win 10 may be kryptonite. Very bad news, very sad to read this, it means the definitiv end of computing the way you want it. I have 3 laptops and 6 desktops in my house, not rich just never throw away much.

Anyway, just to be prepared for what looks like is comming down the Pike from M. So it was no problem to use Acronis, and make a backup for each of them and then install different flavors of Linux on them. I also have a backup of Windows 7 for each of them, so when the time comes I will know what to do. In windows 10 you could shut it off in the registry and in gpedit, untill about the Feburary update, if I remember correctly. Right now if you use Enterprise you can shut off all the stuff mentioned in the article, in gpedit.

I am sorry but this junk is making me tremendously tired. Back and force, left, right…. Their product Windows 10 is unacceptable and until today I cannot figure out why these guys are still making the big bucks. Windows 7 was their last good product. Something is wrong with a lot of customers. Very sad, indeed. I want to be able to configure Windows 10 my way not the Microsoft way. I do not need to see more irrelevant advertising and useless products from the Microsoft store.

I surely do not want Microsoft gathering information to offer to companies so they can target me with ads and BS. I do not have a talking computer, I will not pound my keyboard with questions their robot cannot answer. I see little improvement in Windows 10 to XP, what Microsoft has done is reduce my options. I look at the internet for solutions of problems I have with my implementation of Windows 10 and see that they have been around in previous versions of Windows.

I look at the comparison between Windows 10 Home and Pro I see the Group Policy editor is a feature of the Pro version not the home version. That was a selling point for me to make the upgrade to the Pro version. This is tantamount to buying a car because it has round wheels, only to find the manufacturer recalling it to install square wheels; this is unacceptable. If it is just your one or 2 home PCs, this is not a big deal. This is only a problem for centrally managed PCs on a domain where there may be dozens, hundreds or thousands of computers since you can no longer manage access to the Store or prevent or delete downloads of promoted apps centrally on Windows 10 Pro.

I just looked the subject up on one of my favorite sites, you might want to read what they had to say as it also covers Windows 8 and 8. There is also another thing about the OS Build I tried to do the old, not really very old though , trick of shutting off automatic updates with the registry, under Metered connections. I do believe that is another thing that is NOT in the article, that MS put a stop to people being able to change, along with not being able to turn off Windows Defender , since at least February or April.

Tinfoilhat be damnd! Well, as far as I know now , after getting some more info, its affecting to the lockscreen which you can not disable anymore , some little problems with start-menu and some other things which I dont know yet. Well, after some more info,here is what I have found,so far; you can not disable the lockscreen anymore, some problems with the start-menu , the way you can update your OS, and some more things, which I dont know yet.

The more I read the more I understand. It may be a problem for people in business though, time to go talk to the boss about spending more money and maybe getting Enterprise. Someone needs to verify the group policies on the official versions of Windows 10 Pro and see if these changes are really true.

As for me, I will never buy or pay for anything MS showing on my personal computer. What they do is just be annoying and I would much rather pay for my operating system than having these advertisements and spying on my personal computer. In regard to the start menu, MS approach in Windows 10 is more reasonable comparing to Windows 8: giving people more options: one can have the classic bottom left corner start menu or, a full screen start menu.

Likewise, they can give options in regards to using the OS as an advertisement platform. I look at this, as a M. It would be nice to know how many of them took advantage of the free Windows 10 offer and put it on company machines. Now that M. The only way for them to get control back in a hurry is to either downgrade those PCs back to Windows 7 or whatever, or to buy Enterprise subscriptions from M.

The boss is going to be mad this week and the Systems Administrators are going to have to make the pitch for an Enterprise subscription, or spend time reversing what they did to the companys PCs recently. I think that M.

S also may be trying to move the public towards buying into future subscriptions of Enterprise also, we will soon see if that happens or not, but I would say it is pretty likely to happen soon.

Try to get it if you can afford it, and prove to M. Most businesses would not upgrade on a whim and would have enterprise software.

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is out now. It is pretty much the same as OS Build Insiders had. Mine updated this morning. It is not just an update, it is a whole new Operating System, that is available through Windows Updates, just click on Update..

Go to your run command on the left click menu, and type winver to see the new version number after it installs. He says he turned off Automatic Updates. However, the direction Microsoft is taking appears pretty clear. They will continue to make the OS a data delivery platform for interested parties by taking ever more control away from the user over what data flows to and from the computer and what can be configured or not.

Telemetry, unsolicited push of crapware, DRM and exceeding overall user gagging — no thanks. Back to Win 8. These Windows versions are not perfect, but still better with regard to the mentioned issues, and they will still be good for another couple of years.

LOL, It is funny how many people went nuts and did not read actual article, policies are still there, but some of them will be restricted to Enterprise, Education, and Server SKUs. Good luck getting a single Enterprise license or the Educational version if you are not eligible. Some may be interested in this, especially those who use pro who would like to get around some of the now-missing policies.

It does many things, among those: — Removes the Store, and all Apps with the option of leaving the store and the calculator app — Disables CEIP, Telemetry, OneDrive, Update Delivery Optimization — Changes all the settings in the settings menu for the best privacy — Kills Cortana you will see the process running always, as it is one and the same with WIndows Search. It is fully tested on pre-anniversary releases with great success. I tried it on Anniversary edition yesterday and it seems to function as well, however I will be doing a full overhaul on it in progress to fully adapt to Anniversary edition changes.

Maybe package it in an. I was really hoping, after the first year which it nearly is? By upgrading from Pro to Enterprise version, they above key works! What is needed for the final step is to run some dos commands. Yeah, sounds good. Agree — I think it is time Martin moderated out some of the more extreme comments on these type of threads. It has been used by yours truly on a number of Win10 ver aka Threshold 2 mostly Home edition systems.

Side effects? Not one that I noticed. So we paid extra money for Win10 Pro only to be able to disable the annoying stuff including the start screen for our small office.

Now they removed the corresponding policies on Win10 Pro. Are you serious, MS? Time to file a complaint at the local consumer protection agency it seems. I can see your cheesy grins through my window everyday. The total startup investment is a good quality USB stick. Ubuntu is free and downloadable. The software installed easily, boots from a USB drive and is easy to use, although the configuration process for some of my hardware was a bit obtuse. Ask Ubuntu is a club. I avoid it like the plague now.

It is the quickest way to bollikcs up a working system. Ubuntu is going to be my next OS as soon as I can find a good software to record my record albums. Anyone can. Win 7 will be around for years yet and Apple shows no signs of folding their tent either.

You have time. Why not improve your chances? Waiting for a change of heart from any of them is like Waiting for Godot [thanks Samuel Beckett]. Put down your phone for an hour a day and learn again. Pick up a copy of Waiting for Godot. You might enjoy it and improve your mind at the same time. It functions just like it does in Win7.

I have my two Win10 systems set to defer and they only just received the Nov Threshold 2 update. What implies very time consuming searching for solutions. I had an Ubuntu full system up and running off a flash drive while I was asleep one night.

It was that simple. There are a couple very easy to use Debian Linux alternatives — Mint and Ubuntu. My only experiences with both Google and Apple are that they do collect your information. Apple does give you the option to not participate, but I have no idea if that is actually functional or just stated.

We live in a world dedicated to the cellphone boogie and must expect that our privacy is compromised. It seems we are all being tapped for as much information as possible and the courts are allowing it to happen. There are many ways to strip telemetry from earlier Windows editions that are out on the Internet.

Most of these numbers are in one of the articles out there. I have two paid-for Windows 7 Ultimate licenses -one on each computer, but I was plagued with constant claims that I was using pirated software after refusing the Win10 update, until I removed kb So far, so good.

As I understand all windows patches and update are automatic and there is little the user can do ot prevent this from happening. It is not that Microsoft is stupid or run by idiots they do this on purpose as their business plan. They cannot compete so they force users to play it the MS way. Competition is the only way out, take their profits. MS is just another mealy mouthed money grubbing mendacious mogulopoly.

Now they want to take the ability for users to configure Windows to their tastes and wants. As far as MS apps go I have never found a use for any of them. I have assiduously removed every app I did not find useful and a slew of others I found distracting; others may disagree and have a use for many of them. I have no quarrel with that. I submit that we ought to be submitting a never ending stream of complaints addressing this on other MS policies and at the same time be thinking of something along the lines of a class action suit.

The more MS engages in this practice, the more I see them as cheap hustlers. Twenty plus years ago, we gave all the big players the ability to force the EULA down our throats. An end to our privacy was in the offing then. I like Linux. I liked it back as far as Lindows, if you remember that variant. BTW, I still have a dumbphone. Good Luck to you! I doubt if any lawyer will take your case.

The courts seem to be in support of letting big tech companies collect and re-transmit anything they can collect. After all, the EULA is legally binding. Think about what could happen to all of those folks who put their credit or debit card number in the hands of Apple, Microsoft or Google, not to mention many, many others, ostensibly to simplify purchase of products, software, music or such other items.

How many of us use leaky software to do our banking — worse yet their cellphone? What I wonder is who else can piggy-back on tech company telemetry? Operating systems have generally poor security. Even hardware firewalls are no problem for many invaders. Apple and Google users are also vulnerable.

How do users know? Is there a legal basis for suing tech thieves if we have already enabled them by accepting their terms? Subscription software and information collecting is not new, but it is popular with the biggies because it does exactly what you describe — it gives them access.

In my multi-decades experience with computers, it has been prudent to get prepared and stay prepared. The past lawsuits have had little effect on the biggies. As many have answered to this article, using the power of the dollar seems to be the most effective course we have. It needs to have good noise suppresion that does not squelch the music. It needs to be oriented toward record listeners — not propeller heads. I am not talking Audacity, Goldwave or the Midiware stuff.

Take a look at Spin-It-Again. So Microsoft is forcing my hand here. Depending on the outcome of the upcoming Apple releases I may seriously consider switching to Macbooks going forward for our company. I get a ton of requests for Macbooks in our company, which we normally deny. Why should I have to do this when every computer comes with a Pro license that cannot be removed by the vendor?

The so called cost savings between Macbook and Windows notebook comes down to almost nothing based on the current hardware we buy. I will have to use a slightly different computer management system but even then the cost difference is minimal.

MacOS looks to be easier to manage without having to pull your teeth out every time there is an update. Especially now that Microsoft looks to be going into this 2 updates per year cycle.

At least Apple only does it once per year. How are you going to centrally manage MacOS? To All. The merits of one biggie OS over another is like supporting political views. The landscape changes almost as quickly as you can sign on. When they set up their choice, they accept the defaults.

Managing an OS and whether it is easier in one OS or the other is not an issue that burns very brightly for most computer users. I used both — and later the old Linux Lindows OS. Eventually, it just boiled down to what a user liked using. Users accepted whatever came with the OS they liked and with which they had become familiar, regardless of the pointless lawsuits and other carping.

Look around. Cellphone computing in the Cloud and single board, single purpose computers like the Raspberry Pi [using Linux, Android or the like] are now the new frontier. Mac vs. Windows sounds more like a last gasp than regular breathing.

Ubuntu and Mint look good to me. Simple to manage macOS. MDM systems, which our company is looking into. Apple has a registration system that will redirect the machine to your MDM when a valid user logs in. If it was that simple, many more organizations would have done it.

The MacOS management is extremely limited compared to what you can do with Windows to centrally manage settings, patching and applications installation.

Soon they will remove the option to even add Pro to a Domain. I feel Windows 10 is still very consumer focused, especially in the Pro version. On a side note: Even IBM is now offering Macs to employees due for a refresh and last I checked they were swapping people out at a clip of about 1, units per week. Much like with Microsoft software there are up front costs but once you get past that the delta is minimal.

I agree with your first paragraph word-for-word, and the rest in general. Vote with your wallet, deny these bastards until they learn or lose. Windows 10 has some nice features that I personally like but the trade offs are really annoying. Also, who pre-loads crap like Twitter on a machine. Problem is interaction with my clients who pay me. So much as I dislike i need to keep at least one and one standby Windows machines.

Eionmac Wait, what?! Why, for crying out loud. Get even! If I can screw Microsoft, I will. And shutup10 will make things as quiet as possible. Just upgraded my workstation from Win 7 Ult to Win 10 Pro. I waited as long as I could, but certain major apps quit working on7, which forced my hand. Not really happy about it and these kinds of changes.

Just another step closer to abandoning it altogether and moving to Linux — which also hosts all the major apps I now use and need. I hope MS begins to get a clue. I waited as long as I could, but certain major apps quit working on 7, which forced my hand. Not really happy about it, especially these kinds of changes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: Ghacks Newsletter Sign up.

Ghacks is a technology news blog that was founded in by Martin Brinkmann. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. Search for:. Microsoft removes policies from Windows 10 Pro. Martin Brinkmann. Related content Here’s what’s new in the Microsoft Store app in Windows 11; a better design, ratings, screenshots in listings and more.

Windows one feature update per year and longer support cycles. Windows 11 will tell you how long it will take to install updates. Henk said on July 29, at am. FlukeLSX said on July 29, at am. Guys, We need to stop them from doing this. Like a G-6 said on July 29, at pm. There is only one thing MS listens to: money. Either go GNU or go black-flag. Rebecca Smith said on August 4, at pm.

J said on September 18, at pm. Dick said on November 22, at am. Declan said on August 4, at pm. C said on July 29, at pm. Martin Brinkmann, I was just shocked to hear this. Time for a class action law suit. C said on August 1, at pm. Martin Brinkmann, Just an update on my previous post.

Martin Brinkmann said on August 1, at pm. Harlock said on January 1, at pm. SortingHat said on July 29, at pm. Once you get into text font settings the games are playable and readable again. Anonymous said on August 1, at pm. Kin said on July 28, at pm.

Pete said on July 28, at pm. Shiro said on July 28, at pm. Andrew said on July 28, at pm. Dert Bhaag said on July 28, at pm. Anonymous said on July 28, at pm.

Khidreal said on July 29, at am. Dave said on July 29, at am. Henk said on July 30, at pm. Declan said on July 30, at pm. Matthew W said on July 30, at pm. Manotee said on August 13, at am. Matt said on August 14, at pm. WWW said on July 28, at pm. The pricing. Mike Harris said on July 29, at pm. Dave Pencroof said on July 31, at pm. Win 10 starting to look like it belongs in a horror movie. Anoned said on July 29, at am. Henk van Setten said on July 28, at pm.

More or or less. Gary D said on July 28, at pm. Jeff said on July 28, at pm. Gary D Just like Applocker, where you can audit in pro but not enforce eh. That sucks. WWW said on July 31, at pm. My two copies of Win10 Pro will remain in a drawer, unused. PrismOS said on July 28, at pm.

That reminds me pro decisions by Marissa Meyer. Time to Verizon to buy Microsoft. T J said on July 28, at pm. My bad Yuliya said on July 28, at pm. Martin Brinkmann said on July 28, at pm. Anonymous said on July 29, at am. I always lock my system if I leave it for more than 5 min. Alfred said on July 28, at pm. The timing MUST be a coincidence right? It will surely be yet another coincidence they they remove the ability to control privacy.

George P. Burdell said on July 28, at pm. You are being too kind to humans by a factor of 1, Matthew W said on July 29, at pm. Andrew Stop glossing over the fact that these changes remove some crucial editing capabilities. THAT says it all! Please stop defending the indefensible. Jeff, they do work, just no longer for the specific items that the article specified. MirceaKitsune said on July 29, at am.

I use 3rd party software for everything but the OS even for the file browser. Bryan said on July 28, at pm. Pixie said on July 28, at pm. John in Mtl said on July 29, at am. Wholeheartedly agree with you on these statements, Bryan and Everyone. Sandeep said on July 29, at am. John in Mtl said on July 29, at pm. Kev said on July 31, at am. Pete said on July 31, at am. Rodalpho said on August 2, at pm. Ficho said on July 28, at pm. Moloch said on July 28, at pm. This is like a fuck you for christmas… GP was one of the 2 main reasons i choose Pro.

And no, i didnt do a free upgrade, i purchased a key, cheap but still…. MikeFromMarkham said on July 28, at pm. Welcome to the wonderful world of Windows as a disservice. Kirill Shilov said on July 28, at pm. Martin Brinkmann said on July 29, at am.

Compare the policy description on regular builds of Windows 10 and the latest Insider build. Martin Brinkmann said on August 2, at pm. The restrictions are part of the retail Anniversary Update version of W10 Pro as well. Maou said on July 28, at pm. Anon said on July 29, at am. WWW said on July 29, at pm.

Bobo said on July 28, at pm. HyperMind said on July 28, at pm. MrRuupee said on August 19, at pm. Branegate said on July 28, at pm. SRC said on July 28, at pm. Rob said on July 29, at pm. Matt said on July 29, at pm. I am beyond pissed about this. I am in the same shoes. KalanVryce said on August 9, at am.

Rocky said on July 28, at pm. Regarding moving to Enterprise I believe this is already a subscription based option? Pixie said on July 29, at am. Rocky said on August 9, at am. Chickenleg said on July 29, at am. GiddyUpGo said on July 29, at am. Karol said on July 29, at am. Is it just for local policy settings or also for domain ones? No match, no use. Enjoy the next year of hell.

Rick said on July 29, at am. DRGiff said on July 29, at am. Shander said on July 29, at am. John said on July 29, at am. I mean, what do you expect? But, at the moment… it fails on almost all of those accounts. Let me know ;-. Too Angry said on July 29, at am. Jayyyy said on July 29, at am. Daniel said on July 29, at am. Either one. Both will work. With 8.

Gavin said on July 29, at am. NonProfitTech said on July 29, at am. Gene S. Borg Collective said on July 29, at am. T J said on July 29, at pm. DanceMan said on July 29, at am. Glenn said on July 29, at am. You mentioned version Dobbelina said on July 29, at am. Clever move by MS? Gezzer said on July 29, at am. Owl said on July 29, at am. Time to jump ship. They are determined. More will follow. Linux, and offline windows or vm. Beezle said on July 29, at pm. Not so sure now. Anonymous said on July 29, at pm.

This article seems to be getting plenty of attention and replies! M said on July 29, at pm. George said on July 29, at pm. Martin Brinkmann said on July 29, at pm. George said on August 3, at am. Ben said on July 29, at pm. Grizzo Woodtooth said on July 29, at pm. Gary D said on July 29, at pm. Rocky said on July 29, at pm. Grizzo Woodtooth. Gezzer said on July 30, at am. Grizzo Woodtooth said on July 30, at pm.

KL said on July 30, at am. Grizzo Woodtooth Which distribution of Linux did you try? John F said on August 4, at pm. Hi Grizzo! B F said on July 29, at pm. Lilien said on July 29, at pm.

Dorksaber said on July 29, at pm. They know when you are pirating and they know if you use more then one computer. Martin — perhaps this type of post advocating illegal practice should be moderated out? NoPlaceforAsonists said on July 29, at pm. Joe said on July 29, at pm. How can we block the August Anniversary update from installing? Matt said on July 31, at pm. Matt said on August 1, at pm. Pete said on July 29, at pm. Mike said on July 29, at pm. Why are they working so hard to make their OS unusable by professionals?

Fake you can block this stuff… two way to do it. Martin Brinkmann said on July 30, at am. The Firefox user. Pants said on July 30, at pm. Some girl called Pants has made comments of her own. Man, she can talk, that one! Sachin said on July 30, at am. Kenny said on July 30, at am. Linda B. Tony said on July 30, at am. Unsolicited bulk mail or bulk advertising. Any link to or advocacy of virus, spyware, malware, or phishing sites. Any other inappropriate content or behavior as defined by the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct.

Any image, link, or discussion related to child pornography, child nudity, or other child abuse or exploitation. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 2 people found this reply helpful. It now says ‘Available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically’. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. I needed to upgrade them all from ‘Home’ to ‘Pro’ becuase I need some sort of control over the Windows Updates I cannot have them Automatically checking, downloading and installing updates.

What I want to do is: 1. Windows Update 3. Item: Configure Automatic Updates. Click on ‘Enable’ and set ‘Configure automatic updating’ to ‘2 – Notify for download and notify for install’.

It no longer says ‘Some settings are managed by your orginization’ and now says ‘Updates will be automatically downloaded and installed’ Paraphrased again. My ‘Configure automatic updating’ is still set to ‘2 – Notify for download and notify for install’. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Hi Robert, Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community. Keep us posted on the status for further assistance. How satisfied are you with this reply?

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to A. User’s post on March 14, Thank you Eeshwar, but this link does not really help me. To be clear, I want: 1.

I will read the KB about each one of them. I then will decide if I really want to download and install the update. In reply to RobertSullivan’s post on March 14, Hi Robert, Thank you for getting back to us.

Thank you again Eeshwar. That statement is correct for Windows 10 Home but it is not correct for Windows 10 Pro. The Group Policy Editor gpedit. If you are running Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise you can: 1. Type: gpedit. This will start the ‘Local Group Policy Editor’. There are 19 settings for configuring how Windows Updates occur.

I have: 1. I have ‘Allow Automatic Updates immediate installation’ Disabled. Eeshwar, do not give up on me! This is a real issue!