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Affinity Photo Remove Background | Steps to Learn

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Festivals usually celebrate events in Hindu mythology, usually in line with seasonal changes. You just have to drag the mouse cursor around the selection area slowly for better selection. You can increase and decrease brush size by square brackets of a keyboard according to the area which you want to select which means if the selection area is small then decrease the size of the brush or do vice versa. After making the section you can see there are dotted lines around our selected area which show our current selection but there is some area that is not properly selected.

We can fix it too. Once you click on it a Refine selection dialog box will open like this and the unselected area will cover with the red shades area automatically for showing you the unselected area properly. Now select the Background button in Refine Selection dialog box because we want to refine unselected area. Now refine the selected red shades area like this. You need not select the whole left area just drag mouse cursor around it and the software will automatically understand your selection and make the perfect selection for you.

You can see there may be some place those are selected accidentally during refining selection. BofG Posted April 22, Try this. Can you see the blue? If you can, congratulations you have an eps with a transparent background. Posted April 23, So I did it? I made it EPS? I can see the blue rectange!! Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go to topic listing.

Sign In Sign Up. First, I will give you a quick explanation of how to quickly remove the background in Affinity Photo so you can see the canvas below:. This is the shortest way to remove backgrounds. However, sometimes there is more work to it than this. If your subject is complex you may need to follow the more detailed approach explained below. You should first find and open the image you want to edit with Affinity Photo to remove the background.

We will use this Scottish Highland Bull as our model. Before you can make changes to the background you need to unlock the photo layer.

Go to the Layers Panel , and click on the little padlock icon next to the background pixel layer. Select it from the left side toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut W to activate it. Create a selection of the subject you want to keep by clicking and dragging.

You can also select the background directly if your image has good contrast between the background and the subject. Here is the final version with a transparent background after some touchup. We can use the Eraser Tool in Pixel Persona to remove unwanted dark patches around the image.

Be sure to save a transparent background in PNG format for the transparent effect to work. Removebg is a fast and free tool to remove background with ease. Just drag and drop the file to the website, and it may process it in just seconds ready for download. You may also edit it there to touch up dark patches if any. Removing a photo background is definitely a viable option in Affinity Designer. A better result may be yielded if even smaller brush sized with fine-tuning of smooth, feather and, ramp settings in refine selections.

However, even an acceptable result can be achieved with an average to large Selection Brush Tool size of 25px to 65px. Powerful photo editing can be done with Affinity Designer.



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To export a PNG with a transparent background in Affinity Designer, select the object you’d like to export and navigate to File > Export. In the Export Menu. So, I exported it as an eps and clicked no background. I tried that just now and it did make the document transparent, so I exported it.