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Home » Arcade Games » Pac Man. Rating: 31 Player Ratings – Avg. Rating 4. After some internal discussion we decided to discontinue this game due to potential trademark violations by the game developer. Game remakes, as fun as they are, actually are not legal if they use trademarked names or game features found in the original game.

Since this particular game closely resembles the original, we decided to be safe rather than sorry and discontinued it.

If you would like to play /16760.txt original Pac Man game, Namco has a version out you can play free for a short period of time. Nearly exact replica of the original Pac Man arcade нажмите чтобы прочитать больше with download original pacman game for pc game play and great music. Steer Pac Man with the arrow keys, avoid the ghosts, and download original pacman game for pc all the pellets. The game comes in. Click on the. If you would like to download the download original pacman game for pc directly from JRok the game developeryou can do that here.

We now have the original Pac Man arcade game from Namco! Average Rating: Ratings. DFG приведу ссылку constantly expanding, striving to bring its audience the most entertaining game downloads found on the Internet. Powered by iWin. Free classic arcade Pac Man for pacmaan PC! Pac Man. We’re sorry but we are no longer able to offer this game.

What’s Free – Play game for minutes. File Size – Play It On. Game Description Special Note: Reason for Discontinuing After some internal discussion we decided to discontinue this game due to potential trademark violations by the game developer.

Close Copy of the Downloda Hit Nearly exact replica of читать original Pac Man arcade game with challenging game play and great music. More Reviews. Screenshots Click Screenshot to Enlarge. Download Free Games is a small business owned and operated by iWin Inc. Pac Man Pamcan to Rate. Your review will be published within 24 to 48 hours. Status: Message:.


Download original pacman game for pc


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It means a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus program. What do you think about Pacman ? Do you recommend it? Pacman for Windows. Softonic review A free app for Windows, by alexis-soulard. This game will bring you back to the s, when the first Pacman game was released. Pacman comes in a new free version that will satisfy young and old alike!

Pacman is a free remake of the famous game of the s : a tiny yellow man must devour all the dots of a level avoiding his enemies, the ghosts. The game features 50 levels and three game modes that offer an increasing level of difficulty and the prospect of many hours of play!

The ghosts are clever and won’t miss following you for a minute if you get too close to them! Ever since Pac-Man became the first hit video game character in , he’s appeared not just in traditional Pac-Man games but in a wide variety of other PacManiac is a PC-based bundle which has incorporated many of the same aspects of gameplay associated with the classic Pac-Man genre.

However, advancements PacRush is a game that has taken many of the visual characteristics of Pac-Man and transformed them into a more modern platform. Unlike the original version, PAC-MAN is an iconic video game legend who has been trying to reinvent himself for years with little success.

Wild West Ransom embraces all of the fun and excitement associated with Pac-Man while adding an intriguing twist. This game embraces a feel of the Old West Download for Windows.

Other platforms. Windows Android iPhone candy crush candy crush for windows candy games candy games for windows endless games. Download for Android. Android america games entertainment game for android namco.

Pac Man 1. Free Download for Android. Enjoy the classic arcade game for free Pac Man is a free arcade game that brings the classic video game to modern devices.

Android iPhone arcade action games arcade games arcade games for iphone arcade games free classic arcade games.

Pac-Man Museum 3. A full version app for Windows, by Namco Bandai Games. Windows arcade games for windows 7 classic arcade games classic arcade games for windows classic arcade games for windows 7 classic games for windows 7. Windows namco. Be the PAC-Champion of the world! Windows arcade games for windows 7 ghosts games.


PAC-MAN for PC – Free Download: Windows 7,10,11 Edition.

Step 1: Download and Install MemuPlay on your PC. · Step 2: Once the emulator is installed, just open it and find Google Playstore Game icon on. Chew Power Pellets and pass through different mazes in Pac-Man! You will fall in love with this retro Arcade Action once again. It is so nice to see an old. This is the official PC conversion of the arcade classic Pac Man from Namco. Download the free version, read about the game, view screen shots and more.


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After years of residing in arcade machines and home game arenas, Pac-man has finally gone portable for the Nintendo GameBoy! All of the original feel and fun are retained in this arcade classic. Also translated into GameBoy Pac-man is the option to view either a large partial screen or a smaller complete screen. A special two-player option allows two people with the official video link to go at it head-to-head! The cart uses the standard Pac-man maze, and some of the original patterns work too.

The ghosts may be in black-and-white, but they have retained the specialized personalities of Pinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde of the coin-op. Each ghost has his own “home corner” that they must return to after leaving the center box or a certain time period. Good players will take advantage of this and the various “safe spots” located throughout the board.

One helpful tip is the fact that hungry ghosts cannot enter the tunnels immediately above the center box from the bottom entrance.

The biggest hit of the decade is back — just for you! Guide PAC-MAN around the baffling maze to gobble all the dots and rack up points in a big way Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, the not-so-friendly ghosts, are dying to do some gobbling, too.

His only defense is to eat the energizers, special pellets which empower him to gobble the ghosts, but only for a short while. Here’s Pac-MAN, zipping around the maze munching yummy ghosts. If they catch him, he’s ghostflakes! Chomp down power dots and fruit treats for big bonus points. Connect two Game Gears for extra ghost-mania.

Choose different rounds to even up the competition. When you gulp a ghost, it pops up in your friend’s maze. Then he’s got double trouble, and you’ve got the points! For those of you just arriving on Planet Earth, Pac-Man is one of the classic video games that started it all in the arcades. If you’ve yet to be initiated, here’s all you need to know: Pac-Man is a round mound of fun who must cruise around a maze-like screen and gobble up all the little yellow power pills.

When he’s gobbled up all of the pills he can move on to the next maze. Unfortunately for Pac-Man a troop of nasty ghosts haunt him as he cruises around the maze. If they catch him he loses a life. Lucky for Mr. Pac the can grab a giant power pill and turn the ghosts blue. While they’re blue he can munch them down for bonus points. Pac-Man can also grab tasty fruit snacks and other bonus items that enable him to score big, earn extra lives, and generally have a good time.

The Two Player version of the game is fun, although in both versions it’s tough to maneuver Pac-Man without a joystick. Other than that the game is faithful to the arcade classic. If you liked Pac-Man in the arcades, you’ll like it on the Game Gear.

If you didn’t Wacka, Wacka, Wacka! Relive the adventure as you munch your way through twisting mazes filled with power pellets, bonus fruit, and those wicked ghosts! Beware of their touch – they’ve been known to snack on Pac’s. Hook up with a friend to double the excitement in this first 2-player Pac-Man’.

Determine the challenge by choosing the number of lives you’ll need to defeat your opponent. Add fuel to the rivalry by using the handicap feature which allows two players to begin in different rounds. Gulp down a ghost and shoot’em to your opponent’s maze! When I was nine, my father would take my little sister and me to this pizza parlor every Saturday for dinner. My fondest memory of that place wasn’t the pizza; it was the sit-down Ms.

Pac-Man machine that my sister and I frequently stuffed quarters into. For some reason, Ms. Pac-Man caught my interest more than other arcade offerings. Okay, I confess, maybe it was because the game was “more feminine” – as everybody said back then. One thing was for sure: my sister and I always left a lot of pizza grease on the joystick controls. Since the original Pac-Man was much more of a hit with women and girls than other arcade offerings, the ingenuous programmers in Japan rubbed their hands together and said, “Hey – instead of making a sequel, let’s program a ‘more feminine’ version of Pac-Man for America”.

And the next thing you know, Ms Pac-Man comes out a year later and girls start spending their school lunch money in the arcades like the boys. Similar to its predecessor, you move Ms. Pac-Man through a maze so that she can eat these dots in her path. But ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Sue – Clyde’s not in this one – are chasing her, trying to stop her from eating.

If one of these ghosts touches her, Ms. Pac-Man rolls around in place and “dies”. To prevent this, you can move her over a “power pellet”. For a few moments, the ghosts will turn blue and run away because they know that Ms.

Pac-Man can chew them up. Besides eating dots and power pellets, Ms. Pac-Man can nibble on a orchard-fresh variety of fruit, like cherries, oranges and bananas that bounce through the maze. Once Ms. Pac-Man gobbles up all the dots on the screen, it’s off to the next maze, which has a different layout than the previous one. Things start all over again, but Ms. Pac-Man, the ghosts and the bouncing fruit move faster.

The cartridge lets you select higher levels to start the game, which is especially nice if you become bored of playing the easier mazes. A “teddy-bear” screen is available to those who can’t even clear the first maze. But if you have to resort to playing this level, perhaps you ought to go back to sleep in your cave. Without sounding biased even though I am , Ms.

Pac-Man has better graphics, sound and music than the blander Pac-Man. For example, the sequel’s mazes are laced in different, bright colors like vibrant pink, shocking green, sapphire blue and luscious orange The XE Ms. Pac-Man also contains all the cartoons you’ve seen in the arcade version.

Finally, the characters are taken a step further in graphic detail. Here’s Pac-man, zipping around the maze munching yummy ghosts. This popular arcade game is now being readied for the Game Gear. You know the story, eat all the dots, get the power pills, and avoid the ghosts! Relive the adventure as you munch your way through twisting mazes filled with power pellets, bonus fruit, and those wicked’ ghosts!

Hook up with a friend to double the excitement in this first 2-player Pac-Man. Relive the adventure as you munch your way through twisting mazes filled with power pellets, bonus fruit, and those wicked’ghosts! Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, the not-so-friendly ghosts, are dying to do some gobbling, too. Browse games Game Portals. Install Game.

Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Overall rating: 8. Overall rating: 9. ProTips: Don’t forget to use the side escapes to move back and forth from left and right Pac-Man doesn’t maneuver too mil in tight spots-so don’t get him caught in the comers! Lure the ghosts close to a big dot and then grab it Now you can gobble up the ghosts before they get away.

Overall rating: 7. Manufacturer: Namco Machine: GameBoy. Overall rating: 6. GameFabrique