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Customize your Impostor in Lime color, put on the Toilet Paper Hat, and win everyone in this game! The Among Us cursor for a mouse with Lime Impostor In Toilet. Custom Cursor for Windows 10 app download page. the preview list and press the “Apply” button to start using new mouse cursors on your Windows desktop. This library contains computer mouse cursors for Microsoft Windows systems. There are two types of cursors supported directly by Windows operating systems.


Top downloaded cursors – Custom Cursor


The main mouse pointer in this cursor is the same as your standard mouse icon. However, the difference lies in the different aspects of the cursors used for various purposes. Download Moonshine Cursors. The set already contains shadow, so put your shadow in disable mode by going into mouse settings. Download kCursors. You will be amazed by the beauty of these mouse cursors. The glassy look of these icons gives it an elegant and royal look. The transparency of the mouse pointer also adds to the overall look of the cursor set.

Download Glass Cursors. They have a black outline with colors filled inside. The dark outline gives them a weapon-like look. If you are a gaming enthusiast who wants to create a gaming guise for your PC, look no further than the Dark Glass Cursors. Download Dark Glass Cursors. These cursors come in blue color and simple design. This is made especially for Windows.

It has an INF file to install. You may Install it in your cursor folder and customize it with the Mouse settings option. Download Comix. Azenis is one of the cool cursor sets. It is a beautifully designed Windows cursor set. The collection is filled with different sized arrows with a combination of black and blue with glowing light.

This can also be the best option if you are looking for animated mouse cursors. Download Azenis. Outer Limits is another elegant set to add to your mouse cursor collection. The set has a classy rocket look.

The cursors are static without any animation. Download Outer Limits. Grey Tango-white is a good pick for math lovers. These are Mathematical symbols in white color with a simple interface. It works best with the dark background of your desktop. Download Grey Tango. The BTS cursors is for hip hop lovers. There is a cute boy with cool swag that acts as your cursor. Download and use it as your cursor for any cursor action. Download BTS.

McCrack is a pack of animated mouse cursors with cartoon characters. The set is specially designed for Windows cursors. You will have the instructions to install in the downloaded file. Download McCrack Pack Cursors. So, a ghost was missing in the list, but now it is complete with these cursors. Download Cursores Fantasmas. Numix cursors have an elegant design, thanks to the curves that end with pointy tips. If you are bored with the standard mouse pointer, the Numix mouse cursors have light and dark versions; they are also good choices if you wish to have a professional look for your desktop.

Download Numix cursors. Looking for a more artistic alternative? Oxygen cursors are one of the most popular cursor sets available for the Windows operating system.

With 37 color schemes available, the users can have ample amounts of options to choose from. Download Oxygen cursors. El Capitan cursor set is inspired by the macOS version of mouse pointers. The design is very straightforward and simple. The mouse pointer set also contains an INF file for the easy installation of the cursors.

Download El Capitan cursors. Android is the most widely used mobile phone operating system all over the world. The Android Material Cursors will give your desktop an Android look. The cursors for selecting the text, link selection, precision selector, and more, are very similar to the pointer designs used in Android.

Download Android Material Cursors. If you are looking to renovate the look and feel of your Windows 10 desktop by changing cursors, make sure you give Gaia 10 Cursor Set a try. This mouse cursor set has a very refreshing and colorful look, coupled with an intricate and elegant design.

The cursor set also comes with an electronic INF file for easy installation. Download Gaia 10 Cursor Set. If you are an avid gamer, you can go for DIM cursors. These cool cursors are designed with a matte black look — just the perfect color to express your hobby and personality as a gamer. The mouse pinter contains smooth animations for a better user experience. Download DIM Cursors. The GTCC Cursors have a playful and unique look that will guarantee you the refreshing change that you are looking for.

The unique appearance of the cursors is due to the curved look of the mouse icons. If you have recently switched to the Windows OS but would like to have the appearance of a macOS system, EvolutionOS is the best mouse cursor set to go for.

Download EvolutionOS Cursors. The Chrome Glass cursors have a unique touch as compared to other mouse cursors on this list. Unlike many others, these cursors can change their color to indicate an activity taking place on a computer. Since this cursor set comes in the form of an EXE file, you need to run it in administrator mode to install it on your PC.

Download Chrome Glass. Krystall mouse cursor set is a colorful and playful set of mouse icons that will give your desktop a refreshing look. Download Krystall. The trademark dark red colored cursors is a good choice to go with if you want to tweak your mouse icon look. The mouse icons in this set are tiny representations of aircraft of various races of the game. Download StarCraft 2 Cursors. Vigyori is a set of cute cursors that will freshen up the overall appearance of your desktop.

The cursors are represented by golden droplets displaying different types of human emotions. One thing we can guarantee is that using the mouse pointer will definitely help you in lifting your mood whenever you use your PC.

Download Vigyori. The age-old popular has ruled the hearts of millions around the world. Having this cursor set is just like walking down memory lane every time you open your PC. This mouse pointer set is also a great choice if you want to personalize a desktop, especially for children. Download Mickey Mouse Cursors. Another franchise with a global appeal that needs no introduction.

Lightsabers have enchanted generations and will continue that in the years to come. Meanwhile, you can use these cool cursors as a small tribute to the Star Wars series from your end. Download Star Wars Reloaded. The mouse pointer is one of the most basic aspects of a computer; it is used to navigate throughout the system on a desktop.

After a considerable amount of time, it is natural to get bored with our desktop appearance. Changing the wallpaper does work for most users, but if you want to go a step ahead, you can personalize the desktop look by changing the mouse cursor. It works immediately with your Windows system. All of these come with extensive full cursor sets, as well as some extras. Its pointers are smooth and elegant, and they appear to be professionally designed. The cursor set is available in two variants, dark and light.

The developer has included both dark and light versions in this package. Install the package by running the install. The polar cursor set was originally created by BlooGuy.

Smooth animations, a beautiful theming cursor with Diamond v3. The design was made in Inkscape, and the icon pack of this set is La Capitaine. An INF file is included with the Windows build to make installation simple. The Oxygen Cursors includes 37 distinct color combinations, such as black, blue, blue arc, brown, cherry, dessert, green, grey, and so forth.

You should be excited to hear that Android users will benefit. It comes with a simple. The newest version, Crystal Clear, adds improvements in terms of visibility and performance since the original.

These cursors are simple, clean, and beautiful. Another fantastic set of mouse pointers is GTCC. It works on Windows PCs and looks amazing! The arrows are colored gray and have a curved form, which distinguishes them from other types. This bundle includes a. Transparency Cursors 2 is the long-awaited sequel of the original, Transparency Cursors. This is an excellent mouse pointer theme that transforms your cursor into something beautiful! The Aero Glass Cursor Theme is one of the best ever created.

The Metro X Cursor Set is a combination of cursors of different colors. There are three available color variants, blue, red, and green.

The cursors have sharp edges and the animations, when using the arrow keys, are very smooth. This bundle includes an installation file for your Windows computer as well. The Gaia 10 cursor set includes neat-colored sets of mouse pointers. This cursor set is available in three variants, blue, green, and red, with each color type including ten variants for all possible combinations.

The best thing about this one is that installation can be done via a. In other words, we may identify a total of four sets of GANT cursors in four separate folders. All folders have an inf file to install on your PC. Direction is a set of extraordinary mouse pointers in light blue color, which will make your work easier and more efficient.

This cursor set includes. This file includes an inf to install your quick PC with mouse pointers. The colors of Rainbow Cursors are based on Mac cursors that change color frequently. It also includes an inf file to simplify the installation process on PC.

The Metro X3 Cursor Set is a collection of cursor colors. This set also includes the installation file for Windows PCs. These mouse pointers are suited to children in mind and are specifically created for them. This includes an installation file to put your cursor on Windows PC in seconds.

The following link will take you to a page where the new macOS Sierra Retina cursors may be downloaded. Breeze Cursors is a small, elegant cursor set based on KDE cursors. Open the file, save it to your computer, extract and open it. Star Wars is a American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas.