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Qualcomm Atheros drivers fixed a problem that started when I upgraded to Windows 8 and continued through Windows 8. Ivan 27 December, Realtek LAN But not every time. Reddit windows 10 lite free download site, really appreciate your efforts to help supply ASUS drivers for Windows 10, this was a big help. I really appreciate your work Ivan, so much geddit. Here are some reliable sources collected for you.


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Current tactic: Use forums to compare the hashes and hope that the most often posted hash is the official Coupled with drives far bigger than the old days, bloat is a perception NOT a reality,. I made the mistake of upgrading a cheapo 7″ Windows 8 tablet with a 16gb eMMC storage to Windows 10 and it crippled the device. Worse yet — because of the tiny storage space it was actually really difficult to roll the device back to Windows 8.

I was able to use the Windows 8 media creation tool but it was a bit of a challenge loading the drivers for the touch screen and other devices. I couldn’t even get a wireless mouse to work so I ended up using a USB hub with a wired keyboard and mouse until I could get the WiFi card driver and touch screen drivers reinstalled.

For really small drives a lite build would be handy, but this is a very rare case and I enjoyed the challenge anyway. I help a lot of friends and family out with picking out laptops and doing custom desktop builds.

Actually rolling back to 8. I figured Win10 would be fine on the tablet so I didn’t bother. I have used Macrium Reflect for people before though and it’s pretty slick. Yeah as this guy says, they were pirated modifications. I used some xp ones many moons ago from scene torrent sites t never really noticed a benefit. Effectively they just disabled some services ran some pointless registry changes and changed the wallpaper. It’s probably safer to do them yourself.

But honestly I don’t see the point, there’s such minimal performance gains possible with it. It’s pretty easy to strip crap you do not want out of the ISO and use that as you base. It uses Windows deployment tools to modify the installer so everything should work as expected afterward and with all future updates. If you are already up and running you can check out some of the pile of tools for removing the unwanted things from Windows Lastly, everyone else is right. Using pirated, modified Windows installation media is poor practice and just asking for trouble.

You can always create your own, but if you have no idea what you are doing, you will literally break everything software related. Obligatory “use an OS that isn’t appropriate for your application because I’m a Windows bigot” comment.

They don’t exist for Windows Microsoft was done doing lots of versions for the same OS, so Windows have only 2 maybe 3 so far: Windows 10 Home and Pro editions I said “maybe 3” because I think there is a “Windows 10 Enterprise” edition but I’m not sure.

Does these exist? Never heard of this Education edition. Oh yeah the mobile version, for Windows Phone. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Either thank you for helping. No, LTSC is only updated every years. LTSC version is coming out later in the year. LTSC is supported until Starting in LTSC though support will be cut down from 10 years to 5 years. I think you don’t have the right drivers in your linux distro if you are having issues running p. I had to download a bunch of shit through the terminal and in the end, still didn’t work.

You can try using Ghost Spectre’s mod search for his YouTube channel. His builds are very lite and may perfectly fit ur requirements, specially u can pause updates until Even more he provides cumulative standalone updates for his builds. I’ll take a look at it. Honestly, I must not have been looking hard enough from the looks of it.

The pausing updates are perfect though, that’s exactly what I wanted! Try out Ghostspectre’s windows 10 superlite versions. So I’m trying to weigh all these versions to figure out which one is the best one for limited HDD space. Any ‘Lite’ version of Windows is made by a single person, it’s often stripped of a lot of things that the creator ‘thinks’ that nobody will ever need. There’s never any way to tell what the creator has added behind the scenes, aside from what they say.

LTSC is more like using Win 7 with nothing else going on. I suggest you do some more reading on some torrent sites like x and compare “Gen2 LTSC” stuff vs anything called “Lite” in the descriptions.


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