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Suivre CodeLyokoFr. Remember me The website. DVD and videos. The word of the CodeLyoko. Fr Staff. Remember me. The IFSCL is an unofficial game, professionally made by a passionate french fan for more than 10 years, an interactive reproduction of the interface of the supercomputer that Jeremy uses at the factory, but also a 3D adventure game that happens within the ‘real’ world of the series.

Full gallery. In the middle of all the community’s fanprojects existing on the net, in the middle of all the best fanprojects CodeLyoko. Fr promotes in its fanprojects and partners sections, why does the IFSCL hold such a prominent place, deserving its own drop-down menu right on the homepage of CodeLyoko.

The answer is below! The identical reproduction of a key element of the series Jeremie’s terminal accessible to all in high quality, and not to mention for free, is simply a blessing for the community. It’s the emblem that characterises the Lyokofan family: an informal group of people who are however united by a common passion: Code Lyoko.

A passion so fiery that it drives us to deepen ourselves into the same Universe of the series through fanarts, fanfictions, analytical documents, the list goes on. Boundless creativity that illustrates the limitless enthusiasm of fans for the series. It’s not the little fanproject that we encounter on the forums. Immu isn’t the little member who imagines the moon but has his feet stuck in the mud on Earth. Immu achieves his ambitions. His work, meticulous, hard and long-term remains modest.

He increases the demand for excellence and attention to detail before impatience and the excitement of an announcement. Expanding on this point verbally is useless Watch this one presentation video: you’ll be convinced.

Thanks to his prudence and sense of priorities and a job well done, Immu has offered the community a totally complete masterpiece. He’s still working and adding features, missions and other things. But if something dramatic happens and Immu is run over by a bus, even without new developments, the IFSCL is functional and complete. Any fan, be they new or old, can install it on their computer and enjoy it. Nobody will come across the unpleasantness of having it feel interrupted or left off at any point.

Fr are new perspectives! This project merits maximum visibility in the community. For CodeLyoko. Fr, it’s a chance and honour to give it this possibility. Fr will be harmonious because Immu’s spirit and our own are on a common wavelength: provide the best for the LyokoFan community, free, without advertisements, nor financial interest. Long live Code Lyoko and long live the Empire. Inspired by the work of Keuppa on his LyokoInterface, I’ve started to work on IFSCL two years before the official public announcement and release, because I was a beginner in code, and did not want to show something too bad.

Creating my first pipeline productivity work, I realized that the development would be long, and that in order to keep my motivation, I had to shown it to the public before, to do tests. In that point of view, I quickly decided to make multiple versions, working by iterations, and posting the first version: the alpha, the next part, I guess you know it. If not, it won’t be hard to discover Who is online? Last registered members Last comments Page generated in 0.


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The graphics continue this mediocre trend and look so-so. One redeeming ga,e comes downllad the form of the cutscenes, which look almost identical to the computer animated portions of the show. However, this positive facet is somewhat negated by extremely repetitious animation. However, the over-sized graphics on the PlayStation 2 just look stretched in comparison, and if you’re looking at visuals alone, the PSP version is definitely the better buy.

It is followed by Fall of X. I Played it like 5 days already and i think the game is. Overall, Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity code lyoko pc game download a decent platformer experience for fans of the show. Parents with children that watch the show faithfully will please their gane by purchasing this title, but others clde find themselves unimpressed by the uninspired platforming and confusing characters.

One big difference fode the console version of the title and the handheld version is the loading times. While the PlayStation 2 version had downlpad share of loading times, they were generally kept within a second range. However, the PSP loading downlkad border on the outrageous, and they can sometimes take upwards of 10 seconds. Sure, you get to look at a cute picture while the game loads, but you could also take a nap, which is a huge problem.

Another thing that Code Lyoko fans will appreciate is the sound in this title. All the characters are fully voiced both during cutscenes and gameplay, and there are no instances of unvoiced scrolling dialogue. Music seems like it is taken right from the series and is mostly inoffensive.

Controls in this title on both the PlayStation 2 and PSP are pretty much what windows 10 1903 update stuck at 93 free would expect downlpad utilize the control stick for movement, the square button for weapon usage, the Downllad button for jumping, and the shoulder buttons for aiming and cycling characters.

Any special moves you might unlock will be triggered via the triangle button. The whole thing is very easy to learn, and aside from the initial lag that occurs between auto-aiming with L1 and firing a weapon, everything else here feels comfortable.

If I could say one thing about Code lyoko pc game download Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, it would be that it’s has to be one of the most formulaic game I’ve ever seen.

It is a very short mix of running, jumping, attacking, and nothing else. Cc adobe download illustrator 2018 free gets points for being playable, but it still loses major points for being no fun, despite mechanically working well. Archicad garden works library zip codes. Unless of course, you’re into predictable gameplay, And then this one might be just the thing you need.

By Amanda L. Dell usb smartcard keyboard driver free download. Game Features:. Also breaking up the monotony of the platforming code lyoko pc game download the inclusion of flying sequences. In between certain stages your characters will take control of the Skid, which is a kind of digital ship introduced late in the television series. These sections have you moving the Skid by pointing the Wii-mote around the screen and shooting the incoming enemies.

You can target lock onto foes bame attempt to make it through intact, although difficulty never ramps up significantly. The visuals in the game are not great, but passable. The characters all appear fairly blocky, although they do animate well.

The environments are all bland and have the same blocky quality as the characters, with little to nothing occurring in the backgrounds. The audio in the game gwme okay, dpwnload the voice acting is done to the standards of the show.

You can expect voice acting gae par with the average Saturday morning cartoon, but nothing that is particularly noteworthy or Oscar worthy. Code Lyoko doesn’t have any huge flaws to the gameplay beyond doownload mediocrity. It has a simple platformer formula which it does decently without any extraordinary or even notable strides in any direction.

It does, code lyoko pc game download, seem to have missed an opportunity with multiplayer. It seems based on the formula made famous by games like X-men Legends and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, with the quick press of a direction switching control of a character. However, most games that used this technique had the use of multiple characters at a single time, allowing for a team based dynamic.

Code Lyoko, with their four-member team, would have fit this formula perfectly had the developers chosen to go that route. Instead, they opted for the simpler one-person-at-a-time mechanic, perhaps to better appeal to their target audience, although they may have underestimated the appeal of multiplayer to code lyoko pc game download younger crowd.

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Play Value Not much gameplay outside of the core game, although fans of the show should be pleased. Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity is very unforgiving for new players, unlike other games that are based on existing material, such as Spider-Man code lyoko pc game download by Beenox or any of the games, Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity provides no layer of comfort to new players.

To put it lightly, it is an experience tailor-made for check microsoft office 2016 license key free download of the series, and it looks to. It gets points for being playable, but it still loses major points. The only complaint I have is the extreme repetition of said animations.

Control Very basic lyoo are easy to learn, although the shooting system code lyoko pc game download take a little getting used to. Play Value There’s nothing beyond the first-player story mode and some tacked on bonus content, but for fans of the series that’s code lyoko pc game download all they need. Overall Rating – Fair Not an average.

See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.


Code lyoko pc game download. Code Lyoko Fall of Xana PC Full Version Game Download

The studio had introduced this PC game on Nov 16, date for young kids and teenagers. However with bland environmental design in both art and map design, along with the never changing gameplay loop, Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity falls to hit the marks that would make it a consideration for an actually good game.


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Code Lyoko — Quest For Infinity is one of the very popular android Game and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments. Download the Game from the download link, provided in the page. Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity is a video game for the Wii console based on the animated television series Code Lyoko.

It is the second game based on the French animated television series Code Lyoko. PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable ports of the game were released in The PlayStation 3 and Xbox versions were planned for release in , but were cancelled for unknown reasons despite being nearly finished for release.

The game loosely follows Season 4 of the original series. They discover numerous Replikas, in which they first use Code: Chimera to destroy them. After discovering that the Replikas are connected to supercomputers on Earth, Jeremie creates a process where the gang can transform into specters on Earth and keep their powers.

This is later on used to destroy the five supercomputers. The game features locations not seen in the show, including the volcano sector. Unlike the previous game, the player is able to change characters whenever desired. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tekken 6. Tekken 5. Tekken 3. God of War — Ghost of Sparta. Split Second Velocity.

Table Tennis Touch v2. Weather Timeline — Forecast v1. Buff Knight Advanced v0. Code Lyoko — Quest For Infinity. Plot The game loosely follows Season 4 of the original series. Spread the love. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Games You may Like.