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These are the new approved Certifications, from the Board of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

All interested applicant should send their CV to our email : or Whatsapp us on +2349099175136, for membership assessment.

Applicants will be assessed on their education, training, knowledge, skill and experience (K.S.E.). Due consideration will be given to those who are qualified only by practical experience.

There are many people who, through no fault of their own, have not had the opportunity to gain academic qualifications during their careers. These people may also apply for membership based on their own individual merits, practical experience and position.

This is a direct membership certification without lectures and exams and it’s based on work experience only for working professionals in the field of warehousing, purchasing, transportation, import and export, inventory mgt, production control, shipping, freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain or business related areas etc.

Entry Requirements: Diploma, HND, B.Sc or Professional Certificates in any course of study, but MUST have minimum of 2 years work experience in areas of interested certifications.


1. M.Scm = Master Supply Chain Manager
2. Master Logistics and Supply Chain Manager = (MLScm)
3. Master Procurement and Sourcing Manager = (M.Psm)
4. Master Logistics and Transport Manager = (MLTM)
5. Chartered Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP)
6. MBA – Master Business Analyst
7. MPA – Master Project Analyst
8. Chartered Master Procurement Manager (Ch.MPM)
9. Chartered Master Store Manager (Ch.MSM)
10. Chartered Master Transport Manager (Ch.MTM)
11. Chartered Master Warehouse Manager (Ch.MWM)
12. Chartered Master Logistics Manager (Ch.MLM)
13. Chartered Master Materials Manager (Ch.MMM)
14. Chartered Master Supply Chain Manager (Ch.SCM)
15. Chartered Warehouse Manager (Ch. WM)
16. Chartered Warehouse Analyst (Ch. WA)

Types of Memberships:

1. Affiliate Member N30,000K (This is meant for undergraduates in Business Logistics, Logistics and Supply Chain or this will enable them to apply for the Associate member after their HND/B.Sc)

2. Associate (ACILSCM) Certificate N80,000 (Applicants must have minimum of 1 – 5 years work experience in business mgt, logistics and supply chain management)
– Plus one Single chosen certification from the above list 1 – 16

3. Full Member (MCILSCM) Certificate N100,000 (Applicants must have minimum of 5 – 8 years work experience in business mgt, logistics and supply chain mgt)
– Plus one chosen Single certifications listed above from 1 – 16

4. Fellowship (FCILSCM) Certificate N150,000 (Applicants must have minimum of 10 years work experience in business, logistics and supply chain mgt)
– Plus one Single chosen certifications listed above from 1 – 16.

5. Doctoral Fellow Certificate DR. Xxx FCILSCM N200K )(Applicants must have minimum of 15 years work experience in business logistics and supply chain).
– Plus one Single Certifications of your choice for the list above 1 – 16

Method of Payment
All payment should be made into GT Bank , *A/c No. 0107509331 infavour of *College of Supply Chain Management *

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All interested applicant should send their CV to our email : or Whatsapp is on +2349099175136


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