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Now that kind of brings me up to one, I kind of said, between these two, like toggling between these two is a real big pain. It’s a hard shortcut to remember, but take your time, write it down, practice it the next week, and you’ll save a huge amount of time.

And it’s basically ‘Command-Option-7’ on a Mac. And you can see, just toggles between them, super useful. On a PC, it’s ‘Control-Alt-7’. On for whenever I’m on character, when I want to be on paragraph, whenever I want to be on paragraph, I’m on character.

It’s always backwards, so I select on here, ‘Command-Option-7’, and I can get my space after, I can play around with that.

And I want to go back to character, and I’ve got it up here. You might disagree with that one being a shortcut. I use it all the time, toggling between these two. Let’s go to the next one. So the next one is when you’re working on documents with Spreads.

We probably all know that ‘Command 0’ will kind of center it. So if you’re moving around, you get ‘Command 0’, just centers the page. Problem is you want to see the whole screen. So what you need to do is hold ‘Command-Option-0’.

So on a PC, it’s ‘Control-Option-0’. Just kind of centers the screen. The other thing you might have known, is if you use PgDn, for some reason it just kind of weirdly offsets. It never goes to the next page, it kind of does that, plus a little bit more.

So what you can do is, you can hold down ‘Option-PgDn’. And it will toggle to the centers of the next word, so good. Print out the shortcut sheet, write them down, practice them for a little while, if they still don’t stick, they were never meant to be, but I find that’s a really handy one. Let’s jump back into the document we had. Now, let’s say I want to bring in some text. I’m going to go down to my page that I’m making. This one here. So I want to bring in some text, so I’m going to go to ‘File’, ‘Place’.

And it’s some Word document, so I would like to have some– I want to show the Import option. But I want to turn this on.

We all know, if I turn this on, and then I click ‘Open’, I get the options, which is really cool, but then when I go to bring in my image next, I forget to turn it off and this thing appears, and I’m like “Ah, I’m going to turn it off. I never remember him. What if there was a way to turn it on temporarily? There is. All you need to do is, say, I want to bring in ‘Magazine Text’, hold ‘Shift’ while you click ‘Open’, it will give you import options but it only turns it on for that one single time.

So now you can go through and do it, and when you go back to ‘File’, ‘Place’, you can see, it’s still turned off. So just hold ‘Shift’ when you click on your file, click ‘Open’ to get some extra options. The next one is kind of a selection trick, so let’s go up to page 1.

It’s a bit of a, kind of a rigmarole bit of a thing. To get to the image, I need to drag him off, then select on him. So the trick is, with your Black Arrow selected, is hold down the ‘Command’ key on a Mac, or ‘Control’ key on a PC, click this top one, that gives you the gray box, click again, and I got the image. Hit ‘Delete’, that’s a way of selecting things underneath each other if there’s a pile of stuff on top.

So just keep holding the ‘Command’ key, if I click on him, hold ‘Command’ key, clicks the black box, then clicks the image and then eventually comes back to the beginning here. So it just cycles through all the different things to click on. A little side note that works in Photoshop as well, which is super handy, especially when you’ve got loads of layers everywhere.

Next trick is to do with Master pages. Now, on my Master page, on this one, I’ve got all of these guys, plus this. And it’s applied to all the pages, but let’s say I want to turn these off on just one of the pages. So let’s go down to the last page and let’s say I don’t need them on this page, but I can’t click on them, or can I? Just click on them, they get kind of ripped off the Master page, and I can say “Goodbye.

It might take a little practise but you will quickly pick up this set of shortcuts and wonder how you used to live without them! Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this post, found it useful and want to learn even more about working with type in InDesign. Keep an eye out for the the second instalment of this 2 part tutorial coming very soon!

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Learn the pros and cons of using Justification and Alignment text and tons of tips on improving readability in your designs! Discover all the latest updates from Adobe Max ! We take a closer look at some colour combinations that every designer should use and explain the psychology behind them! Share 0. Tweet 0. Pin 0. InDesign Shortcuts. Here goes J ump words. Jump left and right between singular words within the text you have selected in a text frame.

Jump whole paragraphs. Quickly jump between paragraphs of text within a text frame you have selected. Select characters. More like this Use keyboard shortcut sets. Sign in to your account.

Sign in. Quick links View all your plans Manage your plans. Toggle Selection and Direct Selection tool. Temporarily selects Zoom In tool. Switch between Normal View and Preview Mode. Temporarily select Selection or Direct Selection tool last used. Temporarily select Group Selection tool. Select container of selected content. Select content of selected container. Add to or subtract from a selection of multiple objects. Select parent page item from document page.

Select next object behind or in front. Select next or previous frame in story. Select first or last frame in story. Duplicate and transform selection. Display Transform tool dialog box. Resize frame and content proportionately. Insert or delete rows or columns while dragging. Begin dragging row or column border, and then hold down Alt as you drag.

Begin dragging row or column border, and then hold down Option as you drag. Resize rows or columns without changing the size of the table. Shift—drag interior row or column border. Resize rows or columns proportionally. Shift—drag right or bottom table border. Toggle between text selection and cell selection. Bold only for fonts with bold face.

Italic only for fonts with italic face. Basic letter group setting or detail setting. Increase or decrease kerning and tracking horizontal text.

Increase or decrease kerning and tracking vertical text. Increase or decrease kerning and tracking by five times horizontal text. Increase or decrease kerning and tracking by five times vertical text.

Clear all manual kerning and reset tracking to 0. Increase or decrease baseline shift by five times horizontal text. Increase or decrease baseline shift by five times vertical text.

Move to right or left one character. Move to previous or next paragraph. Select one character right or left. Triple-click or quadruple-click paragraph, depending on Text Preferences setting. Select one paragraph before or after. Select characters from insertion point. Delete word in front of insertion point Story Editor. Temporarily select Zoom In tool.

Temporarily select Zoom Out tool. Switch between current and previous zoom levels. Go to parent page while Pages panel is closed. Cycle through units of measurement. Switch between page and spread guides creation only. Create vertical and horizontal ruler guides for the spread. Right-click zero point and choose an option.

Control—click zero point and choose an option. Use current magnification for view threshold of new guide. Select buttons in alert dialog boxes.

Press first letter of button name, if underlined. Press first letter of button name. Apply value and keep focus on option. Activate last-used option in last-used panel. Select range of styles, layers, links, swatches, or library objects in a panel. Select nonadjacent styles, layers, links, swatches, or library objects in a panel.

Apply value and select next value. Move focus to selected object, text, or window. Change reference point when proxy has focus. Any key on the numeric keypad or keyboard numbers.